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    do whatcha gotta do

    We made the covered gingerbread last trip and they were delicious! #ymbada

  2. 5

    Debra Griffin Danver

    I did not know you can use the dining plan at Goofy’s Candy Company! What purchases are eligible? #ymbada

  3. 4

    Janet Goff Glaze

    We too LOVED Disney Quest, by we I really mean my kids, I liked that my kids were having a blast! We got the waterparks and more pass, so we got to go “for free” and went one evening! It is costly, so I don’t think we would have went (family of 5) if we had to pay for it, but we would definitely go again! Don’t know why it has such a bad rep?

  4. 3

    Lindsay Veselak

    Earl of Sandwich. An absolute MUST when going to DTD!

  5. 2

    Kevin Gramlin

    It was new as our trip this past October. We only had to buy one ticket since there were only three of us. Tge huge let down….. no Sugar Rush video games but a bunch of Wreck-it-Ralph games. 🙁

  6. 1

    Dana Hoerstman Buol

    Is that something new in the packages…2 get 2 comp entries to Disney Quest??

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