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  • Disneytourist

    We enjoy eating here all the time. Earl of Sandwich is second.

  • Michelle

    We ate at T-Rex in December with some friends who live in the area and met up with us during our trip (four adults, no kids) – It was loud and at times, a little intense. Most kids we saw looked like they were enjoying themselves but quite a few looked scared out of their minds.

    I suggest if your kids are younger and/or afraid loud noises, you save it for later trip or maybe just stop in for dessert and see how they do… I’m sure you can find plenty of videos on YouTube that will show what you can expect.

  • Carissa

    I love the reviews on this site, my only suggestion would be to add pictures, I would read a lot more if could see the restaurants and shops and such. Great article though.

  • My son built a dino there last year. He had the best time!

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