RAWR! Disney Dining at T-Rex in Downtown Disney


We all know that everything that Disney does with animatronics is amazing, but there is another person who is pretty good with animontronics too. Tilman Fertitta owner and CEO of Landry’s Inc., has formed a really good partnership with Disney and he has brought his own brand of animontronics to the Disney family. He has restaurants at three locations including,  The Yak and Yeti in Asia in the Animal Kingdom, The Rainforest Café in Animal Kingdom, and he has two restaurants in Downtown Disney. The first is another Rainforest Cafe, which has animatronic animals that sing or dance every 20 minutes when a thunder storm goes off. Rainforest Cafe’s can be found across the country.

The second location is another very unique dining experience; the T-Rex restaurant. It is located at the end of Downtown Disney Marketplace and is touted as a “prehistoric family experience”. As you enter the restaurant you pass Discovery Dig, where you can pan for fossils, precious stones and gems in Discovery Creek. You can also check out the Paleo Screens which will help expand your knowledge of the dinosaur era.

When you head into to eat there are different “themes”, all with unique decor and moving dinosaurs. The Fern Forest, Geo-Tech Room, Coral Reef, Ice Cave, and Sequoia room. The ice ceiling actually changes color while you eat, the area over the grill has fire spitting out of it like a volcano, and there is a meteor shower every 20 minutes.

The food is classic American food with lots of variety and some adult beverages to wet your whistle as well. “From salads to steaks, tear into tasty tectonic plates that every creature in your family will enjoy. Brought to you by the same folks behind Rainforest Café, T-REX features American fare sure to please herbivores, omnivores and carnivores alike.”

One of my, and my kid’s absolute favorite areas of the whole place is Build A Dino. It’s owned by the same people that own Build A Bear, but you guessed it, prehistoric themed. They have dinosaurs to stuff, clothes and accessories to buy, and none of them are available at other Build A Bears. It makes a great souvenir that you can’t get almost anywhere else, and the kids love doing it. I found it really great for my son. So much is focused on girls at Build a Bear, this is one way for him to get a unique souvenir that is more “boy”. If you can’t find a unique outfit for your bear at our Chip and Co. store, try here.

Have you shopped at Build a Dino? Did you stuff a dinosaur or just buy some clothes? Did your family eat there and what did you think of food ? Did you know the clothes here not only fit the Build a Dinos, most Build a Bears, they also fit Duffy the Bear.

Let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Erin is a mom, and a Disney Vacation Specialist. When she is not out at the Disney Parks you can find her over on her Facebook page here. 


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Erin B

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Erin is a lover of all things Disney, especially Disney World.  She is a DVC member, an AP holder, a Mom of two kids she is raising as the next generation of Disney-addicts, and also helps others plan their magical vacations working as a vacation planner for Destinations in Florida, email or call at 832-233-4468, and she can start working on making your vacation magical and stress free.
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  • Disneytourist

    We enjoy eating here all the time. Earl of Sandwich is second.

  • Michelle

    We ate at T-Rex in December with some friends who live in the area and met up with us during our trip (four adults, no kids) – It was loud and at times, a little intense. Most kids we saw looked like they were enjoying themselves but quite a few looked scared out of their minds.

    I suggest if your kids are younger and/or afraid loud noises, you save it for later trip or maybe just stop in for dessert and see how they do… I’m sure you can find plenty of videos on YouTube that will show what you can expect.

  • Carissa

    I love the reviews on this site, my only suggestion would be to add pictures, I would read a lot more if could see the restaurants and shops and such. Great article though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kentarawolfe Tara Wolfe Ken Wolfe

    My son built a dino there last year. He had the best time!