The Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World

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Did you know that there are actually times of the year when you shouldn’t visit Walt Disney World?  I know, it’s hard to think that maybe there is a time when you shouldn’t visit your happy place.  But, I have seen a lot of people make the mistake of visiting the Disney Parks at a time when the weather was horrible, the crowds were high, and they were unprepared for the added stress.  In turn, their vacation didn’t turn out like they had planned.  Sure, maybe these times I’m going to share as the “worst times” actually work well for your family.  Or, if you are a seasoned Disney traveler and you are great with managing crowds, then you might visit during these times.  However, if you are considering a 2014 Walt Disney World vacation, keep reading!  Because you will want to avoid the Worst Times to Visit Walt Disney World.

February-The worst time to visit after the New Year has started is President’s Day which falls in February. A lot of schools are out for a break.  Also, many people from the Midwest or cold climates are looking for an escape from the winter weather.  If you can avoid President’s Day weekend, do so.

March/April-Spring Break is in full swing during mid to late March and early April.  Doesn’t everyone want to go to Florida over Spring Break?  Yep.  And that is why, if possible, you should avoid the Disney Parks from mid March through early April.  If that is when your spring break falls, and you can visit then, be patient and prepared.  

May-Memorial Day weekend is another holiday weekend to avoid.  By then, spring is in full swing, and everyone needs a remedy from cabin fever.  Plus, it is close to the end of school, so many parents are willing to let their children miss the Friday before and the Tuesday after to make a quick getaway before summer sets in.

June/July/August-If you can avoid any months in the Disney Parks, avoid late June through late August.  Hot, humid, crowded, and blech.  That pretty much sums it up.  The Florida heat can be oppressive, the rain doesn’t usually stay away, and it is so crowded.  Trust me, you’ll be glad you went the first two weeks of June, or at the end of August.

November/December- Even though there are a few select weeks that these months can be manageable, they still make the “worst times” list.  The week of Thanksgiving, many schools let out a day or two before Thanksgiving.  So, a lot of families head to the parks because the school break allows it and the Christmas decorations are up and in full swing.  Same with the week of Christmas and between Christmas and New Year’s.  The parks are known for closing at capacity during those weeks.

Does your family visit during any of these times?  If so, what advice do you have for us?  If not, when do you prefer to visit?

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  • Jennifer Olson

    So basically your saying that their are only 3 mos out of the year to go.?!?! We have always gone late April into early May and it’s been great. There are crowds but definitely manageable. Plus the weather is amazing….coming from a Minnesota winter :)

  • NewEngland

    I have literally gone during every one of these times. The worst times are actually when people from the North aren’t there and you are inundated by low IQ southerners.

  • LuvsObamas

    Looking forward to a long week starting the day after Memorial Day instead of early August as in the past.

  • Jennifer Christenson Thomas

    July 4 – WORST day EVER. Seriously. They had to open up the emergency exits a couple years ago – people were trampling on each other to get out. NEVER again. That being said – we went in May – and it was perfect. No waits. Just perfect.

  • ivlichelle

    Early December can be fantastic if you don’t have kids or if your kids are on an alternate schedule (year round, home-schooled, etc)

    Schools are not out yet and most people do not want to pull their kids out when there are end of semester tests, holiday parties / plays, and everything else going on.

  • lisa

    we went the first week of October and it was amazing. .. the crowds were really low and the weather was really good.

  • Bartina Barkley

    Good to know the first week of October isn’t on the list!

  • Deerhart23

    Let’s see We started one Vacation on Memorial Day (Monday) and spent the next 10 days at Disney. It did not start to get crowded until the first weekend in June (it was also start wars weekend). Many schools are still in session after Memorial day, so that week was rather low volume.

    Prior to that we always went the first week in August. Again, low volume (as compared to when I went the very first time over the 4th of July). The weather was nicer in Florida then back home in Missouri!

    November, we went the week before Thanksgiving and it was the lowest volume we had seen. Even waits for characters were reasonable. I don’t know any schools (except maybe colleges) who are out of school that week (we had to pull the kids out of school to go) and more schools are going to a shorter and shorter Thanksgiving break.