1. 38


    What a great contest! We’ll be going to WDW in December.

  2. 37

    Jennifer Slusark McClain

    Love all the contests!!! Gift cards are great prizes~

  3. 36


    Would love the gift card. Thanks for all you do.

  4. 35

    Eirene Cook

    Really hope I’m picked! Thanks for all the awesome information

  5. 34

    Debbie Flory

    Love all of your info-and thanks for the contests!

  6. 33


    Thanks for all the great articles and giveaways!

  7. 32


    I would love to win this gift card. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. 31

    Kim T

    nice contests

  9. 30

    Adrienne Greene

    Another great prize!

  10. 29


    Wow, nice giveaway! Thanks – we’re heading there in December, so this would be great.

  11. 28

    Erica Meier Barthel

    I could really use a $25 Disney gift card and a photo book of the Fantasy! I am setting sail on my first Disney Cruise in 2013 and it’s going to be on the Fantasy 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  12. 27

    Annette Roberts

    Great contest! This would be perfect to take with us on our 2013 trip to Disney World to celebrate our son’s birthdays, my oldest son graduating from high school and our 20th wedding anniversary!!!

  13. 26

    Donna Wilson

    Nice contest – guilt free spending with the gift card! Love it!

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    Awesome contest again….I hope I win for our trip in Dec

  15. 24


    Awesome contest again….I hope I win for our trip in Dec

  16. 23


    Awesome contest again….I hope I win for our trip in Dec

  17. 22


    this gift card would come in handy for the ears for our family in february!!

  18. 21

    Dena Singleton

    My buddies are taking their 5 and 8 year old for the first time to Disney in oct over Halloween and I want to help them out as much as possible.. Love these guys. They need a good vacation

  19. 20


    Congrats to My Dreams of Disney, and thanks much for the giveaway!

  20. 19

    Cassie Carrington DiMauro

    Thanks for the contest! You always have some great ones!

  21. 18


    Going to be in Disney World on October 20th. Would love some extra spending money for those Mickey treats!

  22. 17

    Kim from NH

    Heading to Disney later this fall with the kids. This would be great!

  23. 16

    Myria Johnson

    More cash for Food and Wine Festival? Yes please.

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    Mi Coups

    Love your giveaways! Thanks for all you do!

  25. 14

    Noelle Rozhon Burlington

    I love contests! So much fun!!!

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    Debi White

    Love all the contests/giveaways you do! One of these days, I just might win! 🙂

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    Christy Barnett

    Thanks for all you do!

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    would love to have this!

  29. 10

    Christine Stradtner Burke

    So nice of you to have fun giveaways!

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    I would so love to win this giveaway!!!!

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    Dawn Johansen Sabey

    This is a fantastic giveaway!! Thank you for offering. My fingers, toes & eyes are all crossed!!

  32. 7

    Corey Applegate

    Keeping my fingers crossed I might actually win one someday. 🙂

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    I want to win this gift card and the photo album! What great giveaways!!

  34. 5


    Chip and Co always has the beat giveaways…

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    Teryl Figgins

    Thanks for always giving away such fun family oriented things

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    Tara Jeles

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway

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    Thanks for the giveaways!!

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    Thanks for all your great giveaways!

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