Walt Disney World Quick Tip – Watching Wishes At The Magic Kingdom

A lot of my tips come from careful study and planning but this one was a total accident. A lot of visitors love to watch Wishes (Hallowishes etc.) from Main Street USA for many reasons. Some think they will get out of the park faster, but unless they watch from the far end near the train station they will not. Others like the crowds (not me) and still others just have to see the fireworks framing Cinderella Castle. I can appreciate the last one but I’m not quite that fussy as long as I see the fireworks.

On one particular evening we were searching for a spot on the Tomorrowland Bridge but found it just as crowded as the Hub. Apparently not everyone has to see the Castle framed by the fireworks. We headed towards the Hub to see if we could get to the other side and just at the end of the bridge there was a small path off to the left that looked like it could be a shortcut. We took the path and about 1/3 of the way down we happened to look toward the Castle and the view was perfect. We decided to try viewing the fireworks from that spot and were surprised to find that we could see all of the fireworks and even more surprising there were only five or six other people standing there. That spot is where we will stand from now on!!

If you are coming down Main Street USA, the path is off to your right just after you cross the water coming into the Hub area. Hush – don’t tell anyone and enjoy the fireworks!!

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