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    do they make shredded chocolate?

  2. 8


    I”m going to think of it as a close relative to a Boston Creme Doughnut. Now, if only I could get choc instead of coconut…

  3. 7


    I vote for Artists Point except if you're trying to eat around the countries. Then, you have to do Le Cellier so you're one step closer to being a world traveler.

  4. 6


    Horrors! 🙂

  5. 5


    You like to cook? Good to know. We can all compare notes. And you like coconut? I'll be filing that away.

  6. 4


    I haven't even been to Le Cellier! I was going to go in October, but then I started thinking about how much I like Artists Point and well, it's a short trip . ..

  7. 3


    More coconut for me then..
    I am sad you never wanted to compare notes with me since I am a want to be chef Chris

  8. 2


    Thanks for confessing Lisa. I will join you about the School Bread AND Tonga Toast. School Break would be ok without the coconut, as for Tonga Toast…well we don't usually do a big breakfast, we're too eager to get to the parks.

    But will add a confession here: none of my family is especially fond of Le Cellier. *gasp*. Yes I know, shocking isn't it? 😉

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    Lisa, I am thrilled that you like to cook! We can compare notes.

    See, even looking at that School Bread, I just don't trust it. Don't tell me there isn't something deeply wrong with it.

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