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    White rabbit probably wouldn’t have done that with a 5 yr old. A 14 yr old should be a tad more polite! The father was video taping this. probably a set up. Probably had been doing it for a while! Why would a parent allow this kid of behaviour? If that was my daughter, I would have told her to say she was sorry for touching this part of the costume….It WAS his a$$ afterall!!!

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    Sharline Hernandez

    This is ridiculous! The father laughing and the teenage daughters behaving badly! I would have told my kids to respect the character not mess with him! The girl walked away smiling after the Character overreacted so obviously she didn’t take whatever he did or said seriously! And if the dad was so scared of being thrown out he obviously knew they were doing something wrong!! BAD PARENTING!!

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    Neither side was correct on this matter. However this is one of the reasons we don’t see random characters just running around anymore. So many people have to be jerks. I can’t say anything about Disneyland because I have never been but at Walt Disney World there are very very few locations of meet and greets where you can sneak up on a character from behind like that. If anything I blame the character attendant for not placing that character against some sort of wall or railing so that couldn’t happen. I also find it DISGUSTING that the father video recorded this while laughing his butt off. That’s extremely inappropriate. Why on earth on you encouraging your daughters to harass another person? I know if I saw that myself as a guest I would have reported it so fast.

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    This is insane– lawsuits against Disney seems to blow up now. They are trying to find a little thing to sue Disney. As for this family suing the White Rabbit — I see that the White Rabbit was trying to do his job and this 2 stupid teenagers think it is funny to provocate the Rabbit. I dont see the White Rabbit hurting the teenager at all. The most important and damning evidence is that teenager LAUGHING at the end of the video. Why was she laughing? That what pisses me off.

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    This is ridiculous! The girls are old enough to know that kind of behavior is unacceptable and the father videoing and laughing about it shows this was done on spite to get amusement out of harassing the character. If my kids, especially teenage kids did that, I would be mortified and drag them right out of there! There is no lawsuit there! If anything, the father and girls should learn something from all of this!

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    Audrey M

    This is a Disney character, not their family member. This sounds like more that the kids were openly harassing this poor employee. Granted, the employee over reacted but I am sure this wasn’t the first time that day some self entitled child did that. Parents are showing less and less control over their children. I watched last Friday as 2 women walked in front of my sister and I at the Contemporary monorail an totally weren’t involved in actively watching their 4yr olds. One had a pen and was writing on walls of the elevator and scratching the handrails. The mom would half ask her daughter what she was doing but never look. Of course the little one lied. My sister and I said “People should have to get permits to have kids” and the mom half looked at me. This mugging of characters will result in even more handlers and less contact with characters.

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    Disney Lover

    They were afraid of getting kicked out of the park, so obviously they knew they were doing something wrong.. Seriously, the father thinking it is funny and taking video?? WHAT A JERK. Some people just have to ruin things for everyone. Pretty soon Disney will have to stop meet and greet all together unless they are supervised.. Ridiculous..What do they need to have a cop stand out there..

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    In order to have a legit lawsuit, there has to be damages. That girl was laughing when the Rabbit spoke to her. If they were so traumatized, they wouldn’t have waited until they left the park. Everyone sees Disney as an easy target, because they settle on things they shouldn’t for publicity sake. Disgusting parents, allowing, no encouraging bad behavior on their 14 year old children.

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    Angelique Williams

    I cannot believe people are defending an out of control employee. They ‘waggled’ the white bunnies tail for peat’s sake! Twice! In character, the thing to do would have been to turn around and waggle his finger at them! Not GO AFTER someones kid and hold them by the arm and neck to threaten them. Someone has postal disease. He should be fired. What if it was a little five year old? He would have turned around and knocked them right over! He couldn’t see who it was right behind him in that suit. If they continued to act out after the ‘waggling finger’ then shouldn’t the character have a ‘helper/handler’ nearby to handle these types of situations? Shouldn’t they have been the one to correct the problem? Not the NON face character, going OUT of character to lose their cool and chase/threaten a park attendee? I’m sure this isn’t the first time someones done something to a character which made them uncomfortable. Cardinal RULE: You DO NOT go out of character and speak unless you are a face character.

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    What a bunch of brats!!! At that age they know right from wrong. The sad thing is the Father thinks it is funny of their inappropriate behavior.

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    Kimmy sum

    Junior high prank I meant to write.

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    Kimmy sum

    Well they (the girls) shouldn’t of been pulling on the character in the first place, I mean seriously how old are we? I think old enough NOT to be doing such a thing, I question the age of the father who was video tapping this and laughing like it was a junior prank. Just proves the saying to be true, “The apple does not fall far from the tree.”
    Disrespect is being taught obviously :/

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    These girl’s should have known better then to pull on his tail and the parents shouldn’t have supported and defended this behavior.

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