Why use a Disney Travel Agent?


Do you remember the time before smart phones? Internet Searches? Planning travel was a lot of phone calls, friends recommendations, driving to AAA or other places for maps and lots of other work. Sometimes people used a Travel Agent, but usually only on those big once in a lifetime trips. So now, we have our iPhones, HTC’s, Tablets, Laptops, and a wealth of information on all things, including Travel destinations. Nowadays the internet has taken over for all those calls, all those trips to the library and more to get stacks and stacks of information for your vacation.

Let me start by telling you a little about how I started in this business. I had two separate but each very good friends suggest to me that I should be a Travel Agent for Disney Vacations. When they first suggested it, I thought to myself “Are they insane, Travel Agents are a thing of the past, everyone uses the internet, right?” So I started looking into it more and more. Then I spent some time pondering the amount of my own time I spent planning my vacations. I was already a self-described expert whose friends would ask for help and suggestions from. It seemed a perfect fit. I realized I love all things Disney (and Universal, and Hawaii, and Cruises, and… Well traveling in general) and I love helping people to plan their trips. So yeah why not? It was probably the best decision I’ve made in a long, long time! Which if you know me, isn’t saying much…

I do often wonder if it gets easier with all this information or is it now just overwhelming? If you want to visit a place like Disneyland or Walt Disney World you could get lost in the amount of information and never make it back out. The pictures alone can be mesmerizing. But you don’t think of asking for help? Why? Travel Agents are still out there, and we are ready to help! Today more than ever Travel Agents are the best bet you have to navigate the information overload highway and keeping you on track. Most Travel Agents today are also specialists in specific areas. Take me for instance, can you perhaps guess where my specialties lie?

So I’ve shared a little with how I decided to become a Travel Agent. Really though I want to share with you why you need a Travel Agent (like me).

  • There is NO COST to you!
  • Disney, Universal and others Certifies Travel Agents
  • We are Experts in our specialties – for me that’s Disney, Universal, Hawaii, Cruises and Southern California
  • We know all the Promotions – Seriously we get daily emails
  • We do the boring research, pricing options and more, then report back to you
  • We offer suggestions and will plan your trip with as much detail as you want
  • Free Gifts! – Really, why wouldn’t you want free things?
  • No Stress Vacation Planning
  • No hours spent researching
  • Knowledgeable advice on restaurants, park tours and more
  • Travel Agents work around your schedule and budget

Still not sold on a Travel Agent? Saying to yourself you’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World as much as anyone, why do you need someone to plan it for you? Well if the lure of the free gifts doesn’t give you incentive, perhaps I can convince you another way. Having spent numerous hours at Disney parks, Disney Resorts, on Disney Cruises, and more, I can tell you I have never sat down at my computer and quickly done the reservation. I’ve looked at all the different dates, the different resorts/rooms, the different parks, Extra Magic Hours, calendar of events, and much much more. It takes me hours and hours sometimes to plan a week vacation. Why ever would you want to do that anymore? Travel Agents do all of that for you AT NO COST TO YOU!

Did you know that Travel Agents will also sit down and go through your trip, offer restaurant recommendations, perhaps even suggesting one you’ve never been to… However, if you want, I will personally offer to put your trip together in calendar form to give you a complete itinerary, including for any who want it, a complete daily breakdown of your day at each park. All For Free! If you already know what you want, then I’ll do the scheduling for you. Yes I say I a lot, but that’s what I do… Honestly, it’s what almost all Travel Agents would do for their clients.

With all I’ve said, I should warn travelers that Travel Agents aren’t the best at airfare any longer. Unfortunately, airlines no longer pay a commission, so it’s not a service a lot of Travel Agents promote. However, when asked by a client to check for them, I’m happy to do it, and I’m certain most other Travel Agents will as well. Keep in mind that we no longer have the same level of access as years past. Generally speaking it’s better and easier for you to find your own airfare. You know if you’re willing to fly red eye, or if you need to leave after a certain time. Never be afraid to ask your travel agent for help and/or suggestions. We do generally hear of the best airlines from the different areas of the country.

Joining forces with a Travel Agent only makes sense in todays world of too much information. You are planning a trip to spend time with your family and friends, yet you spend all your free time before the vacation in front of your computer planning. Let us take care of all that, we will spend the time finding the best pricing and promotions for your vacation! In addition, you make a new friend with your agent centered around something you both love, Travel!

If you’re still not sure after all my compelling reasons, I’d love to know why. Leave a comment below with your comments.

Contact me or any of my friends at Destinations in Florida soon to get you the best value available for your next trip to Disneyland, Disney World, Disney Cruises, Universal Studios, Hawaii or anywhere you are looking to visit!

I hope you find this information helpful and fun.

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Daniel is a self-proclaimed Disney Geek, Disney Vacation Planner and a Disneyland Specialist. When he isn't applying to be the next Marvel Superhero sidekick, you will find him scouring the web for any and all Disney News, Trivia and especially Deals! You can also contact him through Destinations In Florida to plan your first, next or best Disney Vacation!

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  • Ruth MacIver

    Never tried a TA before but to me seems like it you don’t you could be missing out on a lot of great deals and adventures. Very well worth it. #ymbada

  • Lauren

    We used Destinations in Florida for our trip last year. No issues, it was great to have someone else make the reservations and she even got us into Be Out Guest. However, I think I’m very Type A when it comes to planning vacations and I could never do it without doing my own research. You can’t just tell an agent you want to go to Disney and that’s it. You have to do some of your own research to know what you want. It’s really my favorite part of vacation planning and I would never turn it all over to an agent. I had to figure out myself what days I wanted to go to what parks and what time we wanted to make meal reservations and where. Again, the agents are great resources, but I use them as another tool in my researching and planning, not as a replacement for it.

  • Kellie

    We are using Destinations in Florida for our trip in May. I have been so pleased and happy so far. She gave us wonderful recommendations for dining and made the reservations for us. We are going to Be Our Guest for dinner (this is a surprise for my daughter). She even got us the discount this week that was released to Disney Chase members.
    This will be my fourth trip to Disney and so far I think this will be the best. The last one was the first for our kids and was planned on the fly without an agent. NEVER again!

  • DisneyDaniel

    Angela, i’m so sorry for your experience. I’d love if you’d email me directly and discuss some of your issues. I’d be happy to help resolve anything you’re experiencing as best I can. If I can’t solve it, I’ll ask for assistance from our owners. You can reach me at daniel@destinationsinflorida.com Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Caralee-Gregory-Wirges/1768224730 Caralee Gregory Wirges

    Have used an authorized Disney vacation planner our last four trips and would not do it any other way!!! Would recommend to anyone going to Disney; especially first timers!

  • Angela W

    This is the 1st time we’ve used a travel agent for a Disney trip and so far it has been a disaster! And yes, it is with Destinations in Florida. Our original agent apparently left without explanation, our reservation was then transferred to another agent that I’ve only had one email and one phone conversation with. The other issue I have is that once you book with a travel agent YOU cannot do anything to/with your reservation. It all has to be done via the agent.

    I have made all the arrangements for our previous trips. I enjoy it but I decided to try an agent specifically for the reasons listed in this article. It’s not working out so well. For us.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.mullarkey.travel Daniel Mullarkey

    That’s awesome to hear! Now that you use a Travel Agent would you ever go back? Does your agent do all your trips or just Disney?

  • Karie

    I’ve used a travel agent on both of my most recent disney trips. It’s so much easier to have someone else navigate making reservations for all the restaurants and activities we want to do. She makes sure we’re not running all over the place and our days flow smoothly.