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  • Good for you Becky Lee (good name by the way!) And it shows that everyone will respond to an item differently: I don’t like Duffy, you love him, your visitor wanted to sell him!

    There’s room for us all, I guess, eh?

  • Becky Lee

    I have a My First Duffy that I love. A visitor to the house saw him, grabbed him & said “He’s a hidden Mickey. He’s worth a lot of money.” I got him from Disney Movie Rewards & would never consider him a money making item. I couldn’t believe someone would look at him & see dollar signs instead of how cute & cuddly he is. I only collect things I like, never things I think will bring in big money.

  • Yup! That’s the way to collect Jusero!

  • Jusero

    I agree with all of these. I love all things Mickey, but only because I love my Mickey. My fave piece in my collection is my Steamboat Willie Steiffe. I paid about $80 for it a few years ago, but don’t really care what is is worth. I just love the thing.

  • Nothing like a possession-war over Disneyana! I have to say the collectibles in the house are ‘ours’, but they’re really ‘mine’… just don’t tell my wife I said so!

  • Usachick4

    I love my Mickey phone (turn style dial), and was so thrilled to see it. DH said that its his not mine…LOL.

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