Top 5 Reasons to Experience the Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Want to know more about Walt Disney World? Do you want to go behind the scenes and see and experience the parks in a whole new way? Walt Disney World, as usual, has you covered with a variety of tours to choose from; and recently, I decided to take the plunge and experience Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour!

The Keys to the Kingdom tour lasts about 4 to 5 hours or so and takes place in the Magic Kingdom! The tour teaches guests about the Disney “keys” to success, as well as some Disney history, secrets, and how Disney puts on a show.

While I won’t give everything away, I will let you in on the top 5 reasons you should experience the Keys to the Kingdom Tour yourself, as well as what magic awaits during your experience!

5. Free Souvenir-Who doesn’t want free stuff, right? Well, during the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, guests are given a special momento exclusive only to this tour to remember the experience. We won’t tell you what it is, but we will give you a hint: it’s small and shiny! Also, since we’re talking about free stuff, you are treated to lunch at Columbia Harbor House in a special, roped-off section of the restaurant!

4. Quality-This tour offers a quality experience in a number of ways. First of all, since this tour focuses on one park, guests get a thorough knowledge of its secrets and history throughout this tour. There is also a lot of focus on Walt and Roy Disney, as this park is a product of their work and genius. Secondly, I was very impressed with our tour guide.  He had worked at several major attractions at the Magic Kingdom, and even at a Disney resort, before coming to work at guest services. His experience helped him to answer questions, as well as give our group a glimpse at what other Cast Members see and do. He was also incredibly passionate and informed about the Magic Kingdom and Walt himself, and was eager to share his knowledge and passion for Disney.

3. Special Experiences-During the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, you may get to ride a popular Magic Kingdom attraction or two. However, you and your tour group will experience it a whole new way! Also, the tour is a special experience in itself as you get to see the Magic Kingdom in a whole new light and learn about its secrets, history, and design!

2. Utilidors-This is probably one of the primary reasons why guests choose the Keys to the Kingdom Tour. Yes, during your tour, your guide will take you down to the famed Utilidors. This “first level” of the park is located under your feet; and naturally guests are always very curious about it! Although, for those of who you are expecting secret passages and Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, you may be disappointed. It’s cool; but, as you will learn on the tour, all the magic and design is saved for where the guests can actually see.

1. Backstage-While I was psyched for the Utilidors, my favorite part of the tour was being taken backstage, or behind the scenes, where you can see what the behind of some of your favorite attractions look like and where extra park stuff is stored. While the view isn’t as pretty backstage, it is really interesting to see just how Disney makes their magic and what the Cast Members go and do once they have disappeared from sight.

If you are wanting to know more about Walt Disney World, or want to experience the Magic Kingdom in a new way, check out the Keys to the Kingdom Tour on your next trip!

Have you ever been on this tour? Would you want to give it a try?

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Savannah has been visiting Disney World since before she could walk and it is still her favorite vacation destination. Today, she is a history teacher and girls basketball coach in Illinois who spends her spare time writing about Disney on A Glass Slipper Vacation, a site she and her mom created to share their knowledge and passion for Disney.

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  • Erica Meier Barthel

    My husband and I took this tour a few years ago and loved it. We felt it was well worth the cost of our time and money. Our tour lasted 4 hours. Since that time we have taken the Backstage Magic and Wild Africa Trek tours. The Keys to the Kingdom tour is still our favorite :)

  • Savannah

    The cost is $74 per person, along with theme park admission; and yes, you have to be 16 years and older. You may want to check out the Family Magic Tour, which also takes place in the Magic Kingdom, and is for all ages. There’s also Marceline to Magic Kingdom Tour which is for guests 12 years and up!

  • Christina Struck

    Ah, good to know. Not for us this visit then…we have a 10 and 12 year old!

  • steve singer

    My wife and I did this tour about 3 years ago. It was great and I highly recommend it to any big time Disney fan. It is a long tour, about 6-7 hours, but it is really worth it. We started on Main Street and worked our way back through the park, learning about all of the windows on the shops on main st. We then did some rides, went backstage and into the utilidors. We also had lunch at the Columbia House restaurant. I don’t remember the cost, but I don’t think it was that bad, maybe around $30-40 per person. That is of course, on top of the theme park ticket, so it does get a bit pricey. Also, note that they do not allow anyone under 16 on the tour, in order to “protect the magic” for the younger guests.

  • Christina Struck

    How much does this cost per person? It sounds interesting, but I want to find out if the cost is prohibitive.