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    Kimberly Searcy

    Pinocchio’s is probably one of my most favorite quick serve of any of the parks. the flatbreads are amazing!

  2. 7


    Pinnochio’s is our favorite!! No trip is complete without a stop there!!

  3. 6


    We love Pecos Bill but did not care for CHH at all. For many it’s fine, just not to our liking. If you prefer seafood New England style over Southern Style then it may be for you.

  4. 5

    Heidi Vosper Miller

    We always eat at Cosmic Ray’s at least once a trip.

  5. 4

    Carrie-My Favorite Finds H

    Well, I didn’t mention it because I haven’t been there myself. I’ve heard it’s great, but I wanted to make sure I had experienced these places before sharing what I thought of them. But, I’ve heard it’s great!

  6. 3

    Sheila Nowell

    We just returned from WDW. I did try the waffle sandwich and it was great! However, Caseys Corner was AWFUL. Run from this place! Peco Bills was good and so is Tortuga Tavern. We will try Pinnochio and Columbia on the next rrip.

  7. 2

    Barbara Jacobs

    I love Cosmic Ray’s!

  8. 1

    Christina Struck

    Seriously? Be Our Guest is the best and you didn’t even mention it. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for lunch on our last visit to the MK!

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