Top 5 Quick Service Dining Locations at Magic Kingdom


You’re at the Magic Kingdom, and you need something to eat.  I mean, part of a great Disney vacation is experiencing some of the food they offer, right?  But how do you know what is a good use of your money or your dining credits?  And, when it comes to quick service dining, you want to get a great variety in your meals, too.  So today I want to share with you my Top Five Favorite Quick Service Dining Locations at the Magic Kingdom.

First, what is quick service dining?  Basically, it’s a counter service {think fast food} restaurant.  You walk up to give a Cast Member your order, and then you approach a window to pick it up.  You choose your seat in the restaurant, and there are no reservations necessary.  You don’t quite have the options for meals as you might at a buffet or table service restaurant, but you’ll be surprised at how you can find some yummy, quick food before getting the rest of your touring underway.

  • Pinocchio’s Village Haus.  This is located in Fantasyland, just beside It’s a Small World.  This is one of my favorites because I love their flatbreads!  The Caprese Flatbread is my favorite, but the BBQ Chicken one sounds good, too!  Also, they offer salads, as well as sandwiches.  If you get a seat upstairs, you can watch the boats take off at It’s a Small World :).  

  • Columbia Harbor House.  CHH is located in Liberty Square.  I had just happened upon this restaurant on our last trip, and I can’t wait to go back in a few weeks!  Columbia Harbor House serves sea food themed dishes, as well as salads and sandwiches.  I suggest getting the Fried Shrimp Platter to share with other family members, and the Broccoli Peppercorn Salad is also a must.  The nice thing about Columbia Harbor House is you can take a seat upstairs and still have condiment stations.  Also, you might find a good seat for people watching!  
  • Sleepy Hollow.  You’ll find Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square as well.  I highly recommend the fruit and Nutella waffle sandwich.  If you need something a little more substantial, you might enjoy the Spicy Chicken or the Ham and Prosciutto Waffle Sandwich.  Sleepy Hollow does have mainly snacks, so it makes a good break in your day or an easy place to get something to eat while waiting for a parade.
  • Casey’s Corner.  Casey’s Corner is located literally on the corner of Main Street USA!  Looking for an all American hot dog….but with toppings galore?  You’ll find it here!  You can’t go wrong with an American classic, and Disney has added its touch to it.  Chili Cheese, Chicago Style, BBQ Slaw….all these and more are awaiting you at Casey’s Corner.  After you’ve made your selection, take a seat to enjoy some vintage baseball games on the big screen, or camp out on Main Street USA to enjoy a parade.
  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.  You’ll find Cosmic Ray in Tomorrowland.  I highly recommend Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe for the most quick service variety in one place.  Cosmic Ray’s is separated into three “bays”, each with slightly different dishes to choose from.  I try to take our family here because everyone can get something they like, the portions are great to share, and there is plenty of seating inside.  Turkey sandwiches, burgers, salads, and even rotisserie chickens-along with many other items-make this a great location for families.

What do you think?  Do you enjoy any of these locations while at the Magic Kingdom?  Which ones?  Or do you have some to recommend?

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Top 5 Quick Service Dining Locations at Magic Kingdom was last modified: October 23rd, 2013 by Carrie

  • Kimberly Searcy

    Pinocchio’s is probably one of my most favorite quick serve of any of the parks. the flatbreads are amazing!

  • Stephanie

    Pinnochio’s is our favorite!! No trip is complete without a stop there!!

  • mickeybug

    We love Pecos Bill but did not care for CHH at all. For many it’s fine, just not to our liking. If you prefer seafood New England style over Southern Style then it may be for you.

  • Heidi Vosper Miller

    We always eat at Cosmic Ray’s at least once a trip.

  • Carrie-My Favorite Finds H

    Well, I didn’t mention it because I haven’t been there myself. I’ve heard it’s great, but I wanted to make sure I had experienced these places before sharing what I thought of them. But, I’ve heard it’s great!

  • Sheila Nowell

    We just returned from WDW. I did try the waffle sandwich and it was great! However, Caseys Corner was AWFUL. Run from this place! Peco Bills was good and so is Tortuga Tavern. We will try Pinnochio and Columbia on the next rrip.

  • Barbara Jacobs

    I love Cosmic Ray’s!

  • Christina Struck

    Seriously? Be Our Guest is the best and you didn’t even mention it. We wouldn’t go anywhere else for lunch on our last visit to the MK!