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    Little forehead thermometers are available in the Baby Care Centers in the parks. I visited the ones in MK, Epcot, and DAK with my 9 month old. DAK is by far the best but they are all great and you can purchase diapers, bottles, wipes, medicine, sunscreen, etc. in case you forgot. For little ones I would keep in mind how they like to be carried. We were lucky enough to have family driving in (while we flew) who brought a high chair and stroller with them but at the last minute I packed a baby carrying sling. I’m glad I did because almost every day my daughter snuggled in it for about an hour and slept while I continued walking around the park.

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    We are going to be at Disneyworld at that very same time!  We are bringing our 4 year old Twin Grandsons.  This is their second trip.  We also bring a first aid kit packed with every kind of kid medicine etc, hand gel that attaches to stroller, sunscreen of course and sunglasses and hats.  Antibacterial wipes also.  We always put an extra outfit for each child in stroller..just in case!

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    I understand about being prepared and not want to spend the bank at a Disney gift shop to buy forgotten items but, why not travel outside of the Disney line and hit up a supermarket or Walmart for those forgotten but must have now items? Especially when your child is acting weird and you suspect illness. Just a thought…

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