My Top 5 Favorite Disney World Eats

Hey there! One of my most favorite Disney topics is Disney dining!  I think about the wonderful food and fun snacks at Disney all the time, even my 5 year old can show you where the Dole Whip stand is!  So today I wanted to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Disney Meals.  If you haven’t tried them yet, I highly suggest each one – these picks will not disappoint!

Coming in at the #5 spot is La Cantina de San Angel.  La Cantina is a counter service meal on the Disney Dining plan.  Each meal is one credit and you get to pick an entree, drink and dessert! I LOVE Mexican food and enjoy stopping here for lunch while walking around the World Showcase in EPCOT.  Some of your options here are Guacamole and Chips, Beef Brisket Tacos, Epanadas De Queso, Chicken Tacos and Nachos!  I have tried most of the menu and everything is great!  They also have a great kids menu, alcoholic beverages and desserts! I happen to love the churros for dessert, served with a dipping sauce- yum!  They also have Mexican popsicles for dessert called Paletas in flavors like cantaloupe, mango and coconut!  If you do get a dessert and want to Paletas you can ask the Cast Member at the window to hold on to it until you are finished with your meal, that way it doesn’t melt in the Florida heat!

#4 – TREX.  TREX is located in Downtown Disney and is a Dinosaur themed Restaurants.  TREX was just recently added to the Disney Dining Plan as a table service meal worth 1 credit per person!  I will admit TREX is very loud and flashy with a meteorite storm just about every 15 minutes.  But hey, I am a touristy person, it is Disney after all, and I just love it!  The food here is great, and I have tried a variety of menu options.  I love the Nachos as an appetizer it is plenty to share with the table!  Entree options I like are the Layers of Earth Lasagne it is a giant slice and cooked just right, the Paleonzoic Chicken Sandwich the fried pizza dough as the bun is terrific and so different, and the Fire Roasted Rotisserie Chicken!  You can see them cooking the rotisserie chicken and smell it as soon as you hit the door, it is big enough to share!  My daughter loves the Dino Nugget kids meal, they are really cute!  There is also a drink menu with great beverages and killer desserts! I have tried the meteor bites and the chocolate extinction and both are delish!  The atmosphere is just really fun here, we always have a great time!

#3 – Earl of Sandwich.  This is my most favorite counter service option! I love a good sandwich and let me tell you they do it right here! Don’t let the long line scare you off, you will be impressed how quick it moves.  They also have a lady in line with you in case you have any questions about the menu.  My favorite sandwich to order is the All American – turkey, ranch, cranberries, cheddar, lettuce and tomato.  If you are on the dining plan it is 1 quick service credit and you also get a side item and a dessert! Some of the other sandwiches include The Italian, The Full Montagu, Cannonballs, Veggie and a lot more! All sandwiches are served hot and will cost you about 6 bucks.  They also have killer soups, salads, and wraps! They also have great sandwiches on the kids menu including a Pizza Sandwich that is so good even I order it sometimes!

#2 – Donald’s Safari Breakfast at Tusker House.  Here is a tip, try to get a reservation before Animal Kingdom actually opens up to the public.  We like to book as early as possible that way by the time we are done eating we can go outside and be ready for the park to open.  Cast Members wont let you walk too far past the restaurant but you can be ready to head to the Safari (or your favorite attraction) as soon as they let you.  If you head straight there, there is hardly ever a wait and the animals are almost always out first thing in the morning!  It is a win win!  Now on to the dining experience at Tusker House.  This is my favorite breakfast and character dining spot on Walt Disney World property.  The food is all you can eat buffet style with a varied menu.  Besides your tradition eggs, bacon and Mickey waffles you can get carved meats and my all time fav Cheese Blintzes.  The characters tend to spend a lot of time with each child and there is even a parade led by goofy!  The Cast Members are always so nice all in all it is a great experience.  If you are looking for a character meal, this is it!

#1 Ohana’s for Dinner-  This meal is by far one of the best overall Disney experiences I have ever had, and continue to have.  First off you should know that this is a very popular place and it is hard to get a reservation.  Don’t forget you can book your reservations 180 days out from your check in date and if you want to dine here I highly recommend being on the phone first thing in the morning!  We always try to get an 8 or 8:30pm reservation for dinner and request a window seat.  Reason being is you have a perfect view of Wishes at Magic Kingdom from the restaurant.  When the firework show starts they dim the lights and pipe in the music.  It is a perfect way to enjoy our meal!  There is also a show that goes on during your meal – hula dancing, coconut races and the limbo are some of what you will enjoy here.  We always leave with tons of paper leis too, they make great reminders of our meal once we are home!  The food is all you can eat family style and is brought right to your table.  Salad and bread start off your meal followed by pork dumplings and Asian chicken wings that are out of this world!  Next is a variety of meats cooked on the worlds largest fire grill including shrimp, chicken, pork and steak.  Side items are broccoli and noodles that my daughter can’t slurp up fast enough.  If your little one isn’t a fan of the food here you can also order them something off of a separate childrens menu that is included in the price.  To top off your dinner you are served a chunk of bread pudding and ice cream that my family just devours.  We enjoy this meal so much we almost always eat here on our first night and our last night.  We really cannot get enough.  If you are on the Disney Dining Plan this is just 1 table service meal credit.  If you are looking to maximize your credits this is the place!  I promise you cannot go wrong eating here!

There you have it! My Top 5 Favorite Disney Meals.  Did any of your favorite make this list? Do you have a question about one of the dining experiences, if so please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom or post over on our facebook page HERE. My favorite meals are not the fanciest or the priceyest on property, but they are 5 meals I really enjoy.  I have never had bad food or bad service at any of them, they truly are our go to meals while we are on vacation!

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  • Joelle Franzo Daddino

    We just added a sit down meal plan and utilizing all this grt Info for picking our sit downs. Thank goodness I have you:)

  • Jennifer Slusark McClain

    Love TREX so glad that they now take the dining plan!

  • lauren

    I must agree ‘Ohana is the BEST

  • Tonia Thornburgh

    Coral reef in Epcot. The steak my husband got literally melted in your mouth!