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    Paul Saint

    I have to agree that I have been spoiled by WDW in many ways. Having been raised in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Northeast Texas, I know that going to the theme park in that area was nothing close to what I had experienced at WDW. Now, I live here in the Orlando, FL area and yes, I have my annual pass to WDW. No regrets…not a one!

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    I totally agree with you Jan!! I call Disney world my “happy place” because everyone is so nice and friendly. I love the list of “10 Ways Disney has Spoiled Me” and feel the same way. Wish more places could be like Disney!

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    I loved your list and totally agree with you. You did leave out one area….the cast members!!! They are always smiling, always friendly, always helpful! You never feel like you are putting them out by asking them for info, etc. When you go to another theme park, you definitely miss this treatment!!!

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    Bonnie Cribbs

    Loved this post – though I thought it said Top 100 ways Disney has spoiled me…which would still be a very easy list to come up with! By the way, I love your blog!

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    Not to long ago I went to Legoland and I could just tell it was lack in quality. The theming was at a bare minimum because there was hardly any, Lego-ed or not; it was just Lego statues, buildings, and trees and bushes.
    Also, you could easily tell majority of the attractions were built catering for the little kids. Some were very slow-paced, some had little theming and decoration, some were only for little kids. It made me appreciate what Walt was trying to do with the Disney parks being parks that the whole family and all ages could enjoy.

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    Rebecca Giarratano Ward

    Can I tell you the thing I miss most when I get home? The exercise! lol I know it seems silly but I get so much walking in and I dont even realize it – then when I get home I cant motivate myself to even go outside! I always tell my husband we need to move to Celebration so I am close enough to walk the parks everyday lol

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    I was also going to mention the amazing customer service. They are the epitome of the phrase; other companies look to Disney Customer Service as a model worthy of emulating. (Of course, we know that many of them fall short!)

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    Kathy Hardison

    Stopped at Dollywood last year on our way home from East TN…nice but we compared everything to Disney World! It was like parking your car under an awning when you had been used to a 3 car garage.

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    I know exactly what you mean about saving the Disney parades on the DVR…I keep watching ours over and over!

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    Tonia Thornburgh

    One more thing to add… The customer service. I have never been anywhere else where the cast members are HAPPY to bend over backwards to meet every need you might have! And we have stayed at a club level resort (AKL), Carribean Beach Resort, and Pop Century… The cast members always go above and beyond!

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    Aaron Slutsky

    I would have to add awesome pools. Heated too.

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    Karl Pfeifer

    I love Disneyworld because there is always something fun to do, regardless of the time of day and regardless of the weather. Other resorts roll up the sidewalks at 7 and ALL beach resorts have NOTHING to do if it rains! Disneyworld all the way!

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