Top 10 Ways to Feel Like a Kid Again at Disney

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Disney is for the young at heart.  Whether you are traveling with little ones or are on an adventure getaway with your better half, harnessing your inner Peter Pan is a piece of cake.  Here are some ideas to help you unlock your fun side!

10.   Go and greet a character.  Don’t butt in line or wait for 45 minutes to see Buzz – just give Pooh a hug.  Kiss Jasmine on the cheek.  Do a jig with Rafiki.  You will be happily surprised at how much fun this is – give it a try!


9.   Ride the Tea Cups…if you dare.  It has been a LONG time since I rode the teacups, they make me green.  BUT, if your stomach can handle it – spin as fast as you can!

8.  Dance.  Anytime you see a dance party erupt at a show or parade – join in!  Your energy is contagious and Disney Magic is sure to ensue!

7.   Engage a Cast Member.  They will always play along with silliness.  Tell them a knock, knock  joke or ask them for a high five before Space Mountain!

6.   Share some magic with a child.  It’s contagious…the magic that is.  Surprise a little one with an ice cream, give an unsuspecting tween a free pin, offer a little boy or girl a penny and two quarters to use in a pressed penny maching.  The more magic you spread, the more you will find.


5.  Try the water parks.  Going doing a water slide is sure to make you laugh and gasp every. single. time.  Want to giggle at your spouse or friend, head to the huge wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon and watch them get knocked over by a wave.  This is sure to elicit hysterical laughter and memories for a lifetime!

4.  Eat some sugar.  Forget the calories for a few minutes…eat some cotton candy or funnel cake.  It’s great and such an indulgence.   When was the last time you ate either of those things?  If you have, good for you.  You are already in touch with your inner kid!

3.  SKIP and HOLD HANDS.  Ever heard the saying “Dance like no one is watching”?  This is very similar.  Put on those Mickey Ears, hold hands with your honey and your kids and skip from the entrance of the Magic Kingdom all the way to Space Mountain.  It’s fun, the red seas will part for you, and others are sure to get a kick out of it.  Plus, it helps you work off that funnel cake.

Americana Carousel

Americana Carousel

2.  Ride the Carousel.  I don’t know why this does it for me.  But, it does.  It’s romantic, nostalgic, and always makes me swoon.  Do it at night, you won’t be sorry.

1.  Go with kids.  If you don’t have kids, grab your nieces or nephews.  Nothing brings out the joy in my heart more than watching kids at Disney.  It’s nearly impossible not to get caught up in the magic when you see the delight in the eyes of kids that you love.  So, grab your grandkids, godchildren, nieces and nephews and make some memories that you will never forget.  And don’t forget….SKIP.

What are some ways you like to feel like a kid again at the Disney Theme parks? Let us know in the comment box below.


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Cameron is a mom of two tweens, Phoebe and Eli. As her children have grown, the way that they visit Disney has evolved.Follow her blog for tips and tricks on how to have fun and enjoy Disney with kids of all ages.Cameron is a Travel Agent with Destinations in Florida, an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.

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  • sonia7

    The carousal at Magic Kingdom is like Hunger Games. I have never felt so in danger of being attacked or injured as our ride a couple weeks ago. People throwing their kid on the horse your climbing on, mothers with giant bags using your foot as a rest for said giant bag, mothers leaning into you as the horses moves so they can take a picture of their kid, parents shoving you so they can get to some random horse first. Complete insanity!

  • Melissa Geib-Lightner

    I like to dress like a character (aka DisneyBounding, not in a costume).