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  • Becky Calhoun

    I’m a half hour from Dutch Wonderland! I didn’t know they had Dole Whips!?!?!?

  • Audra Grosso

    Dole Whip Mix is available from the Dole Company. I was also excited to learn that I can get Dole Whips in my neck of the woods (Pennsylvania) by visiting Dutch Wonderland. 😀

  • Deborah Pugh

    We have a place (Peach Wave) that sells Dole pineapple non dairy dessert. We keep meaning to bring a little pineapple juice and make a Dole whip! I consider myself VERY lucky to have that place in our hometown!!

  • Excellent list, Savannah! Very fun to read.

  • angie

    You’re right!…that is definitely an unfortunate oversight. And one about which I’m pretty surprised. Hang tight – I’ll bet that’ll come down the pipeline anytime now! Best wishes…

  • I need my very own Edna Mode to design my family’s wardrobe…especially for our upcoming family photos!

  • Grace A Gaynor

    “dole whips” are available at Peachwave (self serve yogurt franchise) It is REAL dole pineapple and tastes exactly like a dole whip

  • Stephanee Williams-Jones

    OK for years our family had requested this one with out avail. You see all over the parks the characters for your car with kids and adults. The stickers. I WANT ONE FOR MY HANDICAP CHILD! I would love to see them include kids in wheelchairs. How hard would that be. I would love to have them on my van but not without one to represent my child. Ok I am off my soap box today but I would be so thrilled to see one.

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