Top 10 Things That “Should” Be Disney Souvenirs

Disney store at Orlando International Airport

I don’t know about you, but souvenir shopping is one of my favorite things to do at Walt Disney World. But sometimes when I’m browsing the shelves I get to wishing that maybe Disney could sell a few things that they have in their magical films or that they use in the parks! Like what? Well, just take a look at my Top 10 Things That “Should” be Disney Souvenirs!

10. Umbrellas from Pixar’s The Blue Umbrella short-Can Pixar be any sweeter or more amazing? There shorts never fail to pull at the heartstrings and leave us in awe. But wouldn’t it be great to have red and blue couples umbrellas at WDW? That would be so cute for Disney engagements or wedding pics, don’t you think?

9. POG/Jungle Juice-If you have ever had this refreshing juice at ‘Ohana or Tusker House, you know how deliciously amazing it is, as well as how addicting it can be! What is it? It’s a combination of pineapple, orange, and guava juice and is known by several names around the Disney property, mainly POG Juice at ‘Ohana and Jungle Juice at Tusker House. Seriously, Disney needs to bottle this stuff so we can bring some home with us! However, if you are at Animal Kingdom, but don’t have a reservation for Tusker House, you can now grab a cup of this tropical juice for yourself at the Harambe Popcorn Stand!

8. Jack’s Compass-Yes, I know it doesn’t point North; but I think the Pirates of the Caribbean films have shown that thing is pretty valuable! Why? Because it points to the thing you want most. This could make everyday life a whole lot simpler. How? Trying to decide whether to have a piece of pie or a piece cake? No problem. You have the compass. Splash Mountain or Space Mountain? Check the compass! You see?

7. Mary Poppins’ Carpet Bag-Everyone’s favorite English nanny mastered the art of packing for flights with her signature carpet bag that could constitute as a carry-on, but also can hold everything from shoes to furniture! If this bag was a Disney souvenir, it would really help us fans out with all of those airline luggage requirements!

6. Disney Princess Hair Products-Those princesses are doing something right when it comes to their hair. Think about it. Ariel’s hair never frizzes or succumbs to the all the moisture, Jasmine’s hair never looks windblown on magic carpet rides, and even Mulan can shop off her hair with a sword and it stills look great! So obviously, they have invested in some pretty impressive hair products that, if Disney would sell at their resort gift shops, would make every girl’s life a whole lot easier!

5. Disney Resort Bed Spreads-There’s a style for almost every tasted and they contain Hidden Mickeys and sometimes even characters! Who wouldn’t want one? I’m thinking of the bedspreads from the Port Orleans Riverside’s Royal Rooms which contain crowns from the different princesses, or maybe the bedspread covered in pirate treasure from the Pirate Rooms at Caribbean Beach?

4. Dole Whips-Why there isn’t a Dole Whip stand on every street corner is just wrong in itself! Disney needs to sell Dole Whip mix or it frozen or something so I wouldn’t have to suffer cravings of this delicious, tropical treat whenever I’m far from Disney World.

3. FastPasses-Another great Disney World souvenir would be passes for the everyday stuff in life, like for when you’re in line at the bank or for Black Friday shopping or maybe for my next Disney World vacation?

2. Droids-I know you can already build-your-own Droid at Tatooine Traders and Once Upon a Toy at Downtown Disney; but wouldn’t it be great if you had your own “real” droid? C-3po would be really helpful when I need to read those directions that are only written in a foreign language, and R2-D2 would be great for whenever I have car trouble. He’s like a GPS and a mechanic in one cute package!

1. Pixie Dust-Wouldn’t be awesome if we could bottle Tink’s dust and have it stocked on the shelves of the Disney Store? Pixie Dust would not only be a great souvenir, but useful too! I mean, think of all the money we could save on airfare!

So these are my 10 things that I think “should” be Disney Souvenirs! What do you think?

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Savannah has been visiting Disney World since before she could walk and it is still her favorite vacation destination. Today, she is a history teacher and girls basketball coach in Illinois who spends her spare time writing about Disney on A Glass Slipper Vacation, a site she and her mom created to share their knowledge and passion for Disney.
  • Becky Calhoun

    I’m a half hour from Dutch Wonderland! I didn’t know they had Dole Whips!?!?!?

  • Audra Grosso

    Dole Whip Mix is available from the Dole Company. I was also excited to learn that I can get Dole Whips in my neck of the woods (Pennsylvania) by visiting Dutch Wonderland. 😀

  • Deborah Pugh

    We have a place (Peach Wave) that sells Dole pineapple non dairy dessert. We keep meaning to bring a little pineapple juice and make a Dole whip! I consider myself VERY lucky to have that place in our hometown!!

  • Heidi Strawser

    Excellent list, Savannah! Very fun to read.

  • angie

    You’re right!…that is definitely an unfortunate oversight. And one about which I’m pretty surprised. Hang tight – I’ll bet that’ll come down the pipeline anytime now! Best wishes…

  • Melissa

    I need my very own Edna Mode to design my family’s wardrobe…especially for our upcoming family photos!

  • Grace A Gaynor

    “dole whips” are available at Peachwave (self serve yogurt franchise) It is REAL dole pineapple and tastes exactly like a dole whip

  • Stephanee Williams-Jones

    OK for years our family had requested this one with out avail. You see all over the parks the characters for your car with kids and adults. The stickers. I WANT ONE FOR MY HANDICAP CHILD! I would love to see them include kids in wheelchairs. How hard would that be. I would love to have them on my van but not without one to represent my child. Ok I am off my soap box today but I would be so thrilled to see one.