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    Jeanine Denzer

    I agree with Melissa, I try to remember my other glasses and an extra set of contacts. I started a vacation with a contact torn in half and spent several hours in a local store arguing with my home store when asking them to fax over my prescription. They initially refused because they thought I was taking my business elsewhere. I had to convince them that that wasn’t the case, that I was standing in a different state over 2,500 miles away and couldn’t easily walk in to grab the prescription. They finally gave in and faxed it.

    Thank you for the band-aid tip! Never wouldn’t thought of that. As a fellow redhead (and Irish!), I keep a bottle of sunblock in my bag at all times. You never know when you’ll be out in the sun for long periods of time.

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    Melissa Kleinau Carr

    An extra pair of glasses. I lost a screw out of my glasses in the morning at Hollywood Studios. I spent the rest of the day wearing my sunglasses, which was fine, but very hard to see inside the rides. I always throw an extra pair of glasses in my backpack. I order cheap pairs online (all you need is your prescription and there are several websites where you can order cheap prescription glasses) and always have extra pairs for a trip.

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