Tips for Saving Money off food at the Magic Kingdom

Most of us have a budget but Disney World can be a budget buster. My daughter and I have annual passes so we go as often as we can. Over the past few years I have learned a lot of money saving tips. Hopefully some of these can help you.

A huge one for me is getting a free cup of ice water in any quick service location that has a soda fountain. If the taste of the water bothers you then you can bring along some of those little flavored packets or Chip uses Mio. There are few locations that will only give you a cup of ice so in that case I just find the nearest water fountain. That can save you a lot of money especially when it’s hot out, which is most of the time here in Central Florida.

Disney World food prices can be a little expensive. So here are some tips that can help you save money on your next visit to Disney.

  • You can get a kids meal at a quick service location and if you are not a big eater that will be just fine for lunch or dinner or if you are a big eater that can be a good snack for you. Quick service locations do not ask the ages of the child. You can get a kids meal without the plastic box and save $1.50
  • The Plaza restaurant in the Magic Kingdom is a sit down restaurant, reservations are strongly recommended, their prices are reasonable, by Disney standards. There menu is limited but the selections they do have are all good and food portions are large enough to share.
  • Casey’s Corner is quick service restaurant, on main street, they serve mainly hot dogs and fries. The portion sizes are large so if you are not a big eater you can share a hot dog between 2 people. As a bonus they also have UNLIMITED CHEESE Sauce for nachos and hot dogs!!!
  • In Liberty Square, there is a food kiosk that sells mainly healthy snacks, along with some chips. They have these huge pickles, but they are big enough for 2 people. So put that with free cups of ice water and you have a snack for 2 people for less than $10.00.
  • If you have a sweet tooth you can get a cupcake at The Confectionery  or The Main Street Bakery. I know they are a little pricey but they are very good and they are huge so 2 people can split one. They also have many other tasty treats.
  • Try getting a Waffle Sand which from Sleepy Hollow. They have a sweet and spicy chicken waffle and a ham, prosciutto, and Swiss cheese waffle, both for $6.99; and a Nutella and fresh fruit waffle for $5.59
  • Another trick that works anywhere is using a company like Garden Grocer to order snacks and bring them with you to the parks.

With the money you save you can buy those Mickey ears you have been eying all day. What are some tips and tricks you use to save money on food at Walt Disney World? We would love to hear them in the comment box below.


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  • Amy Stewart

    Great tips!!
    I will probably be doing kids meals or making sandwiches this time to save some money. I would much rather get the awesome treats and do 2 nights at places like Ohana and Cape May. No sense in doing the “FREE” disney dining plan if you are a FL resident or military. Hoping they extend that military discount :/ we have been waiting to go for so long…

  • Andrea Fuller

    Always good to get more money saving tips.

  • Amanda Devore Adkins

    We always had our kids share 1 adult meal. We also had left over counter services meals turned into snacks for the ride home!

  • sunshine

    Your Welcome :)

  • sunshine

    Kids sharing an adult meal is also a good option that had not occured to me. I have ordered a kids meal and got the side eye also but you won’t get that at the parks at least I never have.

  • Alisa Niethammer

    If you did buy the disney dining plan- on quick service the children don’t have to get kids meals they can get adult meal -no distinction only on QC not TS- so we save money by kids sharing a adult meal and use the extra meal on breakfast

  • Katie Shea

    I get kids meals at other places outside Disney and always get major side-eye or confusion! But I will definitely try it when I go to WDW in October.

  • Elaine Edwards

    Lots of times I order kids meals for myself. We will also save the bags of grapes that come with them as a snack in the park for later.

  • Toni Bloxsom Sidoti

    thank you for the great ideas

  • Betsey Whitehead

    we share quick service meals. This is really nice at EPCOT where we are able to try the different types of foods. If there is something we really like we can go back there later

  • sunshine

    I don’t like the water fountains either but in a pinch I will take that over nothing. Those little powder drink packets can make anything taste better :)

  • Chelsea Guy

    Do not use the water fountains! If you can’t get a cup of water at the quick service place, go somewhere else. Trust me, getting mono off the water fountain will not be worth the money you save.