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    I tip at the end of my stay but as a DVC member I only get mousekeeping service a few times during my stay. If you need anything though, they have always been happy to help me.

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    Where do you leave the tip for mousekeeping and do you put it in an envelope?  I don’t travel and it’s been over 6 years since I’ve gone anywhere so I really don’t know what to do  :o)  We go to Disney soon and I want to make sure my mousekeeper is happy in case I need help :o)  The last time we where there we only had a “hidden mickey” made out of towels and just the day we arrived  :o(  Maybe this time it will be more.  We also only got Mickey soap and shampoo one day – we like these for souveniers.  Guess I must not have tipped!  Want to do better this time.

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