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    Caroline Bruno-Benton

    I wish I could go more often. The last two trips were not as enjoyable. Dec. 1-8, 2006 was our first trip since I was there in 1978 . It was enjoyable but we were new and missed so much. Since then we have been there about four more times. Early December is the best. It is so very beautiful. Late September was nice but rainy. Late March into early April was awful. To many people and too much drinking in Epcot. The best times were when it was just me and the family. I hope to go back Dec. 2014.

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    I agree that the first two weeks of December are great if you want to see the holiday decorations. The second week is usually Pop Warner week so we do prefer the first week but during the day the 2nd week is good too. We also like January and early February. Low crowds and cooler weather.

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    We’ve yet to take a cruise (with any cruise line), so it’s on our to-do list and we may end up doing it next Fall 🙂

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    It really depends on when you go for SWW. The later you go during the time they have it, the more crowded it will be since schools are starting to get out. It will be absolutely packed while you’re trying to watch the shows for SWW at Hollywood Studios, so be warned. All parks tend to be a bit more crowded when there are special events going on that bring people to Disney World. But if you go early on and before Memorial Day, you shouldn’t experience 9 or 10 level crowds like you can at times once schools are out.

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    Lindsey Kimbrel

    Oh my… I love meeting new people and would have loved to say hi. I definitely need to look into the passholder thing. My next venture is to talk the sweet fiance into a Disney Cruise.

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    Jasmine Johnson

    I haven’t been to WDW in nearly a decade, and my boyfriend has never been before. I was only 13 when I went, and I only went to Magic Kingdom, so I don’t remember much! For our trip, my boyfriend and I are planning on going to Star Wars Weekends, but since we don’t know how to navigate WDW, I’m really worried about crowds. Will only Hollywood Studios be crowded on the weekends, or will every park be crowded all week?

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    That’s awesome Lindsey! We’ve been passholders since we first started going to Disney together. I didn’t go for the first time until I went with a friend in 2009 (and my husband had to convince me to go then since I felt guilty going without him). That next summer we were passholders lol. We now make it a point to go every December and this year we’re celebrating our 10 year anniversary, so it makes it extra special. If I had to choose only one time to go, it would be then. It’s extra magical and you will LOVE it! We’ll be leaving the parks on the 7th, so looks like we’ll just miss being there when you’re there, but Chip will be there the following week 🙂

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    Lindsey Kimbrel

    Love, love, love that you mentioned early December as your fav. We went early February this year and it was great. Low crowds, limited ride closures, and fabulous weather. We tried to hit the same time in 2014 but weren’t able to so December 9th, 2013 we will be on our way to our Disneymoon. Prior to reading this, I was still a little nervous that it would be very different than our February trip. While we don’t go near as often as you (or as I would like), it is just me and the future hubby. BTW, a little jealous that you get to go so often.

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