Throwing an Octonauts Birthday Party

Octonauts Treats

Octonauts Treats

As many of you know, the Octonauts is a new favorite for children on Disney Junior. My 5 year old is no exception.  So when his 6th birthday approached, an Octonauts party was a must.  I agreed wholeheartedly, until I began the search for party supplies.  Nothing online, in the party store, anywhere.  As the show originated in the United Kingdom, all the Octonauts supplies were there.  As we search the internet, my husband and I find tons of DIY ideas for Octonauts decoration, food and favors.  We even got a little creative and came up with a few of our own.

Here is a breakdown of our Octonauts Birthday Party!


Tableware:  All we were able to find in the stores were Nemo, Sponge Bob and some Generic Ocean partyware.  So for plateware we went with Blue and Green plates, utensils and napkins in different hues.  I found some sand colored tablecovers in a rough fabric in a clearance bin.  We decorated the table with Sand Dollars, Starfish and Shells we found online.  Some solid colored buckets and bins from the Dollar Store and we were happy with the effect.

The Octopod Hatch:  I made this for the front door to let everyone know where the party was!  Here are the instructions:

Supplies-1 15″ Round Foam Circle (1/2″ thick), 8 Yards of Orange Ribbon (1 1/2″ wide), 1 sheet of blue scrapbook paper (I was able to find one with bubbles), Fabric Glue or Glue Dots, 12″ square piece of gray felt or poster board,  Hanging Ribbon and Door Hanger.

Instructions-Take Foam Circle and cover by winding Orange Ribbon around the circle until completely covered.  On the back side of the circle affix the scrapbook paper (cut if necessary) so that it appears you are looking out a porthole.  From the gray felt or poster board make 4 “rivets” and a hatch handle and affix to the front with glue.  Lastly, use a ribbon of your choice and weave through the back of the “hatch” and hang on your door using a door hanger.


Jellyfish DIY-I made these with my son so they were “perfect” from a moms point of view.  We hung these around the house from the ceiling and doorways.

Supplies-Water Color Paints and Brushes, Plain Paper Bowls, Fabric Glue or Glue Gun, Miscellaneous ribbons and yarns (pinks, tans, greens, etc)

Instructions-Use water colors to paint plain paper bowls with random streaks of color.  Whatever works for you.  Some of our jellyfish were pink and  green, some were blue and purple. Take your random yarns and ribbons (the more texture the better) and cut to varying lengths. Take about 6 ribbons and tie a knot, leaving one string longer than the others at the TOP of the knot. Make a small hole in the bottom of a painted bowl. Pull string through the hole so that the ribbons are hanging from an upside-down bowl. The instructions we found called for fanning out the strings and then putting another bowl on top of the other. “We” decided to just insert a bowl inside the other to make the strings fan out. Then added more ribbon to the underside of the jellyfish. Your choice, they both work! Hang at will!

Other Decorations-We got a ton of green and blue colored helium balloons and hung them from the ceiling.  The strings gave an underwater effect.  We also had some big fish cut outs that we colored and placed around the house.  We made a “kelp forest” out of some rough green yarn we found and strung though the stairwell and hung from doorknobs.  Green and yellow Streamers were hung straight down from the ceiling. My favorite decoration of all was the window art we did with Crayola Window Markers. We did drawings of all the characters and sea creatures using templates we found on


  • Coral Kabobs-Cubed melon and fruits on a stick, placed in a pan of blue jello with Swedish Fish.
  • OctoDogs-Take Hot Dogs (Hebrew National worked best) and cut strips about halfway up the dog. We tried for 8, but ended up with 6. When placed in boiling water the strips curled up to become legs. Half a bun works perfectly.
  • Professor Inkling’s Seaweed Dip-Spinach and Artichoke Dip (thank you Trader Joe’s) with Tostito Scoops (conveniently clam shell shaped).  Take an orange pepper aand cut in half.  Place half on top of dip.  Take remaining piece and cut “octopus” legs to creep out of the dip.
  • Kwazii’s Shark Teeth Collection-Triangular cuts of white cheddar cheese with crackers.
  • The Goldfish Bar-Every different type of goldfish crackers, we put in buckets for the kiddos to enjoy.
  • Shellington’s Shells and Cheese-Mini Shells substitute for macaroni.
  • Captain Barnacles Cake-Cook 2 round cakes and place on top of each other. Using rice krispie treats (homemade works best) form the hat, cheeks and ears. Dip hat and cheeks in blue candy melts and frost ears. Using black icing, color in ears and eyes. A tootsie roll makes the perfect nose. Assemble and serve
  • Vegimal’s Kelp Cakes-We had a few kids that were allergic to eggs and couldn’t have the cake. So we made a cake recipe and substituted applesauce for the eggs in the recipe. We made muffin tops and dipped in green candy melts and sprinkles.



  • Pin the Eye-Patch on Kwaazi-I purchased the image online and printed this project.
  • Make Your Own Picture Frame-Purchased a tub of “Sea Life” foam stickers and some foam photo frames in a bulk pack from the craft store. The kids were able to assemble and with a foam pen, write their names. I had the delusion I would have time to take and print their pictures and put in the frame before they left
  • Photo Montage-My better half put together a photo montage of Octonauts images, mixed with photos of our family at different aquariums looking at sea creatures.



I purchased white cardboard carry boxes from Oriental Trading Company. Using an image from the internet I printed the Octonauts “Band-aid” logo on clear sticker paper. I cut them out, stuck them on the box and viola!, Peso’s Medical Bag. We filled them with some goodies from Oriental Trading Company-Mini Coloring Books, Stamps, Bubbles, etc. To finish off the boxes, I couldn’t resist a little treat after seeing them on Pinterest.

Marshmallow Favor Pops-Most of the supplies are available at your craft store and supermarket.

Supplies-Campfire Sized Marshmallows, Light Blue Candy Melts, Lollipop Sticks, Graham Cracker Goldfish, Crushed Graham Crackers (to mimic sand), Mini Pearl Sprinkles, Plastic Lollipop bag, Ribbon or Ties.

Instructions-Insert Lollipop Stick into Marshmallow and dip in melted candy melts. Spin to remove excess. Dip bottom of marshmallow in graham cracker crumbs and place on wax paper covered cookie sheet. Before candy melts harden, place goldfish on marshmallow and add 3 mini pearl sprinkles to mimic bubbles coming out of its mouth. Once cooled, place in bag and tie with ribbon.


I hope these ideas will help plan your Octonauts party. The best part for me was doing so much of it with my soon to be 6 year old son. We have some great memories. I also confess to having a few jellyfish still hanging up. Please feel free to ask any questions or share any ideas in the comments section.

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