The Magic Behind The Scenes – Background Music

It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere!! On every visit to Walt Disney World I am amazed at how upbeat everyone seems to be. There are lots of reasons but one of them has to be the continuous presence of delightful background music. You hear it as you walk through the parks, in the resorts, and even in the restaurants and shops. You may not really notice it but your mind knows it’s there and it helps to boost your mood.

One thing to listen for are the changes as you go to different areas. This is especially true in the parks such as the Magic Kingdom where it changes as you go from land to land and even changes within the land. I usually first notice it as we cross the bridge from the Hub area to Adventureland where you hear tropical type music and by the time you get to the Pirates of the Caribbean your mind is singing Yo Ho Yo Ho! If you happen to own the Pirates CD’s you will also hear that, particularly in the shops.

I have been told but can’t personally confirm (YET) that the tempo of the music as you change from land to land is closely matched so as not to jolt your mind so that it becomes very noticeable. Oh those crafty Imagineers!!

On your next visit, take some time to notice and enjoy the music. It’s a very nice experience if you are taking a sit down break and doing some people watching. It’s just one of those magical behind the scenes additions that Disney makes to thoroughly enhance your overall experience. As always, enjoy your visit to Walt Disney World!!


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  • George Taylor

    I linked to an article at Imaginerding that I found through Cartoon Brew or Boing Boing that interviewed the engineer that helped the Imagineers design the music for Walt Disney World. Can’t seem to find it. Sometimes the interwebs are like a needle in a haystack!