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    Myria Johnson

    I love, love, love Old Key West. Full kitchen, quiet, multiple pools. My next favorite is Fort Wilderness. It is so beautiful and just taking a walk is relaxing. And I really like the Electric Parade on the water.

  2. 8

    Matt Stringham

    I would die to stay here. Just have to win the lottery I guess..

  3. 7


    I hope to stay at the Polynesian one day. The volcano pool is so cool!

  4. 6


    Definitely on my wish list of hotels. So far though 8-10 days at a value vs 2-4 at the Poly wins out each time. I’d rather go value and stay longer.

  5. 5

    Joelle Franzo Daddino

    I would love to stay at the polynesian but I think its outa my price range. it looks gorgeous!

  6. 4

    Kris Parke

    You had me at Dole Whip <3

  7. 3

    Tonia Thornburgh

    I am working down the list of resorts and plan to stay at each one for at least one night (before I die) 🙂 My next resort will be the Poly and it will be a family trip. I have crossed off Animal Kingdom Lodge, CBR, and Pop. I am sure that we will love the Poly just as much, if not more than AKL, however… We are animal people. There was something extra special magical about having the animals literally outside your balcony. I have yet to stay in a monorail resort, but, my only complaint about AKL was that is so far away from everything!

  8. 2

    Bernadette Swails

    We stayed at the Contemporary Resort and we loved it! Lots of restaurant options, the monorail comes into the hotel, and you can walk to the magic kingdom. It was perfect for us! The staff was very helpful and friendly.

  9. 1

    Nicole Oman

    I would love to stay at the Poly some day. The price is just too much for us.

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