Tastes So Good-Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars

There is no denying that almost every visitor to Walt Disney World will get a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar during their trip.  They are just so good!  The question is why?  Why do you start to crave these bars even as you make your reservation?

The Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar is available at all the parks, usually at an ice cream cart or snack kiosk.  The bar is made by Nestle and is a Mickey head shaped vanilla ice cream on a stick.  Coated in chocolate goodness.  Very similar to a Dove Bar or Klondike.  Just not the same, so much better!

Is it because you are eating it in a Disney Park? Perhaps you are taking a few minutes to wind down after a few of your favorite rides.  Is it because it’s one of the best values for your snack credit?  There are so many choices.  Is there some secret ingredient besides the obvious?  Nothing noted on the wrapper.  Perhaps its the Pixie Dust.

Tip:  Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar is Gluten-free!

Sorry I can’t answer any of these questions for you.  If you’ve never had a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, you must indulge on your next trip!  Don’t believe the person who tells you it’s just like the ice cream you get at home.  They have obviously never had one, and probably are Dole Whip fans anyway.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.

These bars are so well-loved, Disney made a car air freshener in their honor.  Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars are featured on T-shirts and collectible pins.  So why question it, just eat it!  Trust me when I tell you that it makes the Chip & Co “Tastes So Good” Hall of Fame!


Mickey Mom is a mom to 2 Wild Mickey’s, and in desperate need of a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar!


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  • MyriaJohnson

    Although I do like the actual bars, I prefer the pins in my collection better.