Pixar’s Brave Merida Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom Park


Merida, the adventurous heroine from Disney•Pixar’s upcoming feature film, “Brave,” has begun making special appearances at Fairytale Garden in Magic Kingdom Park. In this setting, young guests are invited to engage in archery practice and other activities, in addition to meeting Merida and mischievous bear cubs from the film. Take a look.My little boys can hardly wait to see “Brave,” and they’re definitely going to want to meet Merida. They’re excited to try out the bows and arrows, and … [Read more...]

What Month Should You Travel To Walt Disney World?

When choosing the time of year your family should travel to Walt Disney World, there are four things to consider: crowds, price, weather and special events. 1. CROWDS... Different times of the year bring different size crowds to WDW. Typically, when school is in session, the crowds are lighter. When your kids are out of school, chances are so are other kids! Holidays are always crowded along with summer break and spring break. 2. PRICE... Price plays a very important part in making the … [Read more...]

SAVE money by renting a house at Walt Disney World


In my family we have four people. Two of them are under ten and don’t take up that much room. They’re past the age where they need five-hundred supplies just to survive, so as long as I stick to my PERFECT PACKING LIST our family unit meets the requirements to stay in just about any room at Walt Disney World. However, I always seem to feel crowded in my resort room!!If I had baby #3 (which is NOT in the plan for me by the way) that means my options would become much more limited. You see, … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: Disney World to add Fast Pass option for Fast Pass machines


Weeks after revealing a new FastPass option for Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom, Chip and Co. has the scoop on a yet-to-be announced addition to Disney’s popular FastPass (FP) service.No longer will guests have to wait in the long lines to get a FastPass to their favorite attractions. To help reduce the long lines guests may face waiting to get a FastPass ticket, Walt Disney World will offer a Fast Pass option for obtaining a Fast Pass.You heard it here first – soon you … [Read more...]

Annual Pass holders “Enjoying the Magic”


Last spring when I heard we MIGHT move to Florida the first thing my Mom told me was we could get Annual Passes to Walt Disney World! I hadn’t been to WDW since I was 6 years old but I had been to Disneyland in 1996 and 2006 and am always trying to figure out a way to go back.A few months went by and it became “official” we were moving to Florida and then on Christmas day “Santa” brought me my official Walt Disney World Annual Pass for 366 Days of Disney Fun!As an Annual Pass holder … [Read more...]