Coming Soon: Disney World to add Fast Pass option for Fast Pass machines


Weeks after revealing a new FastPass option for Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom, Chip and Co. has the scoop on a yet-to-be announced addition to Disney’s popular FastPass (FP) service.No longer will guests have to wait in the long lines to get a FastPass to their favorite attractions. To help reduce the long lines guests may face waiting to get a FastPass ticket, Walt Disney World will offer a Fast Pass option for obtaining a Fast Pass.You heard it here first – soon you … [Read more...]

Annual Pass holders “Enjoying the Magic”


Last spring when I heard we MIGHT move to Florida the first thing my Mom told me was we could get Annual Passes to Walt Disney World! I hadn’t been to WDW since I was 6 years old but I had been to Disneyland in 1996 and 2006 and am always trying to figure out a way to go back.A few months went by and it became “official” we were moving to Florida and then on Christmas day “Santa” brought me my official Walt Disney World Annual Pass for 366 Days of Disney Fun!As an Annual Pass holder … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning Tips – Don’t Leave Home Without It


Are you all pack and ready to make your way down to Walt Disney World? Well, open those suitcases back up and add a few more “must” items.Plastic Bags - Baggies are a must have item at Disney World unless you walk the parks without any extra items. They are perfect for keeping those important, must not get wet items, dry. Not only is Florida known for their sudden showers, but also there are a couple of fun rides that just may leave you and your belongings waterlogged. Nothing will ruin a … [Read more...]

Disney Diva’s Top 5 Tips: What happens if I get sick at Walt Disney World?


I have been sick as a DOG at Disney World two times. I’m not going to lie, it was beyond miserable. I never go to Disney World without any medicines, which is why I wrote my article “Trust me, you need drugs” that lists all the medicines I recommend you have.We were discussing on the Tips from the Disney Diva Facebook Page about times when we, or our family members were sick at WDW and what advice we would give to people when this happens.I think we basically settled on “plan ahead and … [Read more...]

Walt Disney Imagineers Install Nemo Icons at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort


There couldn’t be a better occasion to share a sneak peek at the new Disney’s Art of Animation Resort than today, Walt Disney’s birthday.Walt was a pioneer in the art form of hand-drawn animation, and continually experimented with new technology and storytelling mediums (like television) that would give him new ways to bring stories and characters to life.Walt Disney Imagineers will continue this tradition in 2012 with the debut of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, which will allow … [Read more...]