Top 5 Ways to Save Money on a Disney Vacation


It's no secret that a Disney Vacation can be expensive! So to make the magic happen, we Disney fans have to get creative to save some cash; and I'm a big fan of taking advantage of the values that Disney has to offer to help me in my efforts. While there are many ways to pinch pennies, here are my Top 5 Ways to Save Money on a Disney Vacation!5. Disney Dining Plan-This plan allots each guest a number of meals and snacks per day. There are three different types of plans: the Quick Service … [Read more...]

7 Questions You Should Not Ask Disney Cast Members

Animal Kingdom

Having visited the parks as much as we have and working there twice, many things have been brought to my attention. That includes some of the strange requests, odd choices, and over-the-top questions that spawn from the minds of guests.Don't get me wrong, it isn't expected of everyone to have visited the parks as much as we did so there are always new things to learn. That's for myself included. But there are certain inquiries out there that just don't need to be asked anymore because they … [Read more...]

When is the best time to goto Disneyland?

This question came from Michael: I found a great post from April about the best time to go to Disney World based on crowds, price, weather and special events. Is there a similar article for Disneyland? I'm not as concerned about the weather given the SoCal climate, but would like to avoid the bigger crowds. Thank you. The times of year with bigger crowds are going to be similar to Walt Disney World- this summer is especially higher crowds with the new Cars Land opening, highest levels are … [Read more...]

Pixar’s Brave Merida Meet and Greet at Magic Kingdom Park


Merida, the adventurous heroine from Disney•Pixar’s upcoming feature film, “Brave,” has begun making special appearances at Fairytale Garden in Magic Kingdom Park. In this setting, young guests are invited to engage in archery practice and other activities, in addition to meeting Merida and mischievous bear cubs from the film. Take a look.My little boys can hardly wait to see “Brave,” and they’re definitely going to want to meet Merida. They’re excited to try out the bows and arrows, and … [Read more...]

What Month Should You Travel To Walt Disney World?

When choosing the time of year your family should travel to Walt Disney World, there are four things to consider: crowds, price, weather and special events. 1. CROWDS... Different times of the year bring different size crowds to WDW. Typically, when school is in session, the crowds are lighter. When your kids are out of school, chances are so are other kids! Holidays are always crowded along with summer break and spring break. 2. PRICE... Price plays a very important part in making the … [Read more...]