Would Walt Disney have Blogged?


Over at the official DisneyBlog, they have shot a video of Theme Park Guests answering the above question. They have done this on their one-year anniversary. It was interesting to note that every single person who responded said ‘Yes’ without any hesitation.What would you have said?I was a little surprised to see that not one person thought the answer would be ‘No’. Now, I didn’t read all of the comments for that post, so maybe some had other ideas. But the first few comments seemed to … [Read more...]

Classic Disney – An Adventure in the Magic Kingdom

Join Tinkerbell and the "voice of Disneyland", Dick Wessel, on a black and white trip from the Disney Studios in Burbank to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland, Anaheim. Then adventure into the trademark Disney lands as the public saw them in 1958. (One notably, "Holidayland")Thanks to DisneyParkVideos for hosting this videos! … [Read more...]

Waking Sleeping Beauty Coming to DVD Nov 30th


In the decade between 1984 and 1994, the animators at the Walt Disney Studio created an unprecedented string of critical and box-office hits that included The Little Mermaid, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King. The documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty offers a rare inside look at the studio's renaissance--and at the internal tensions that led to its subsequent decline.In 1984 a stockholders' revolt brought in a new management team that included … [Read more...]

Warner Bros & Disney sue to stop advertising on pirate web sites


Warner Bros. and the Walt Disney Co. have teamed up in a new legal effort to choke off the air supply of various web sites that post and index links to pirated movies.The two studios are suing Triton Media, alleged to have provided advertising consulting and referrals for nine websites identified as "one-stop-shops" for infringing works.Warners and Disney claim that Triton committed contributory copyright infringement and induced copyright infringement via their advertising … [Read more...]

Classic Disney – Noah’s Ark from 1959


The well-known biblical tale is brought to life as a stop-motion musical, which feels more like Rankin/Bass's specials in the medium than a Disney production, only it's more stylized.Noah is advised by a heavenly voice that a great rainstorm is coming which will wipe out most of Earth's inhabitants. So he and his three sons build a boat to precise specifications and begin rounding up two animals of every kind, plus of course, their own women.When the lengthy time on the boat … [Read more...]