Walt’s Unsung Star: Remembering James MacArthur

Light with JM HH and WD

One of Walt Disney’s many talents was a flair for casting, and a genius for recognizing unusual talent. Although the application of this gift within the Animation trade is well-known, as is the roster of live-action stars who came to be associated with Walt, both professionally and culturally—Annette Funicello, Hayley Mills, Fess Parker, Fred Mac Murray, and Dean Jones to name a few—there is one actor whose relationship with Walt Disney is frequently forgotten: James MacArthur.Upon … [Read more...]

Best Things I Love About Disney – Walt Disney One Man’s Dream


I think I've mentioned the three things it takes for an attraction to make my "favorites" list, they are the back story, the quality of the theme, and the ride itself. This attraction made the list without really having any of these things. The back story is not needed because the attraction is the story. A theme is not needed because reality and history is the theme. There is no ride at this attraction. How did it make the list?This attraction is the story of Walt Disney and his dreams and … [Read more...]

Disneyland’s 1965 Tencennial With Walt Disney & Julie Reems

This is a clip from the 1965 tencennial celebration at Disneyland in Anaheim California. In this show, the first "Disneyland Ambassador" was introduced to the world in the person of Julie Reems, a young woman who had worked as a tour guide at Disneyland before being named "Miss Disneyland Tencennial" and being awarded the "ambassador" role. The show consisted of Walt Disney himself taking Reems on an extensive behind-the-scenes tour. … [Read more...]

Would Walt Disney have Blogged?


Over at the official DisneyBlog, they have shot a video of Theme Park Guests answering the above question. They have done this on their one-year anniversary. It was interesting to note that every single person who responded said ‘Yes’ without any hesitation.What would you have said?I was a little surprised to see that not one person thought the answer would be ‘No’. Now, I didn’t read all of the comments for that post, so maybe some had other ideas. But the first few comments seemed to … [Read more...]

Classic Disney – An Adventure in the Magic Kingdom

Join Tinkerbell and the "voice of Disneyland", Dick Wessel, on a black and white trip from the Disney Studios in Burbank to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland, Anaheim. Then adventure into the trademark Disney lands as the public saw them in 1958. (One notably, "Holidayland")Thanks to DisneyParkVideos for hosting this videos! … [Read more...]