Disney “Characters” Taking Over Twitter


Recently I've become a total Twitter monster. I can't stop tweeting, and I can't stop reading other people's tweets. It's fun to see what strangers are thinking! (Such as the "What the...?" tweets floating around about the World Cup being hosted in Qatar for 2022.)Not all of the profiles on Twitter are random strangers or business trying to gain more followers as well as inform the public about their company's latest news. Some Disney fans have created Twitter profiles to represent figures … [Read more...]

Meeting your favorite Disney Celebrity

John Lasseter

This just might be the cry for the Disney fan of the Millennium. Back in the 1900’s though, the Disney fan wanted to meet… Walt Disney of course! And we have all read of many first-hand experiences of those who actually realized their dream. But likely, if you are a modern-day Disney fan, you never got to meet the man in person.I’m in this group. Walt Disney died just one year after I was born. So I ‘met’ Walt for the first time on television as the Wonderful World of Color played on Sunday … [Read more...]

One of my best Disney Treasures: My 1928 Mickey Mouse Jacket


In the year 2000, my wife to be Cindy and I went down to Florida with my parents so that Cindy could meet my Grandparents. While we were down there, we arranged to spend two days on July 3rd and 4th and go over to Walt Disney World. We had a great time, and Disney magic was evident in full force for those two days. You see, despite it being the 4th of July holiday, the parks weren’t that crowded, and it was also Cindy’s first visit to Disney.On August 11th, Cindy and I were married; we … [Read more...]

Happy 82nd Birthday to Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is arguably the most famous of the Disney cartoon characters. Making his debut in "Steamboat Willie" at the Colony Theatre in New York City on November 18, 1928, Mickey went on to star in over 120 different cartoons. He also starred in "The Mickey Mouse Club" television show of the 1950s.Mickey Mouse's original drawings used circles for his head, body and ears. 1939's "The Pointer" saw a bold, new design for Mickey as his body became more pear-shaped … [Read more...]

Disney’s Forgotten Treasure: Walt’s First Studio

Disney studio

Located super close to my house in Garden Grove, CA is the Stanley Ranch Museum. The museum is home to several of the original buildings and homes built in Garden Grove, the oldest dating back to the mid-1860s. Garden Grove is next-door to Anaheim, the home of Disneyland.The "studio" is actually a garage that had been owned by Walt's uncle, Robert Disney. His uncle allowed Walt to use the garage when he came to North Hollywood in 1923.The museum acquired the tiny studio in 1984 after The … [Read more...]