Top 5 Nap Spots for Little Ones in Hollywood Studios

Continuing our series on the Top 5 Nap Spots for little ones we head to Hollywood... If you are at Hollywood Studios for the day and your Fast Pass for Toy Story Mania isn't until 4pm, where do you take your little ones for a quick snooze?  With its lack of shade and noisy performances, it's not the most conducive for sleep.  But even Hollywood Studios has some hiding places for peace and quiet.Streets of America-Find a back alley (which are more shaded) and park the stroller, or simply … [Read more...]

Celebrate your stay at WDW with a great Disney Cake!

How many of us go to Walt Disney World to celebrate a birthday or anniversary?  We usually go to Disney around my son’s birthday; since we were not at home we used to wonder how we’d be able to sing “Happy Birthday” without a cake.  We like to make it as special as possible for my son.  We found that we could purchase a Disney Cake at any of Disney's restaurants.   There are two ways you can have a cake; a Celebrate Today! Cake or you can order a specialty cake.The “Celebrate Today! … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Replaces Turnstiles With Apple’s iPod Touch Trial

With all of the talk about Disney's "MyMagic+" and the upcoming roll out of the "Magicbands" one device has been quietly helping Disney with a trial at the entrances to it's theme parks - the iPod touch.Walt Disney World has started to eliminate their turnstiles at the entrances to their theme parks and guests are now greeted with cast members holding iPod touches.  It's a move to make it a more welcoming and seamless experience when entering the parks. For the trial cast members are using … [Read more...]

EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival: Tips to Make the Most of Your Visit

It's always important to have a game plan when it comes to visiting the parks.  When I hit the parks I want to be prepared-not preoccupied!   I want to enjoy the offerings, especially special events that I can't see on just any old ordinary Disney day (I'm wondering what day at Disney is considered "plain old" or "ordinary"...hopefully you get what I'm trying to say here!)This week kicks off one of my favorite "limited time" events, EPCOT's International Flower and Garden Festival!  EPCOT … [Read more...]

Disney Bowl-A-Thon Supports Junior Achievement in Central Florida

Over the weekend more than 5,000 VoluntEARS from Walt Disney teamed up to raise funds to support the mission of Junior Achievement in Central Florida.Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization that goes into schools to provide age-appropriate economic education for children in grades K-12. Preparing young people for economically sound futures, Junior Achievement helps students understand financial responsibility by teaching lessons in how to earn, save, maintain a budget, manage credit … [Read more...]

Suggested Tipping at Walt Disney World

When traveling to Walt Disney World many people think they have paid for their vacation once they pay their travel agent.  When staying on property, the agent usually takes care of the hotel, transportation, and tickets.  If free dining is offered, your dining is paid for as well!  If you travel when WDW is not offering free dining, you will have to pay for that in the parks. I know Chip is a big fan of Tables in Wonderland...  One thing that people often fail to remember is tipping.  I have … [Read more...]

WDW Deluxe Resorts – Why They’re Worth The Cost

There are a ton of amazing Walt Disney World Resorts to choose from, so many that Disney had to divide them into categories, with Value Resorts being the cheapest with the smallest rooms and fewest ameneties, and the Moderate Resorts have larger rooms and more on site ameneties, and then there's the Deluxe Resorts, which are the largest, fanciest Resorts with - you guessed it - the largest price tag too. So why would you pick a Deluxe Resort over WDW's cheaper Resorts?Well, here are some … [Read more...]

New Information on Disney My Magic+ MagicBands

Lately I have noticed there is a lot of chatter and all anyone wants to talk about, complain about or gossip about is the Disney My Magic+ MagicBands that are being tested at Walt Disney World. As per usual, Disney has let little nuggets of info slip out here and there about these magical wrist bands...just enough to have people talking and clamoring for more. Well, they just have released some new details recently that has interesting written all over it.Read below these details and then … [Read more...]

Order your Free Disney Parks vacation planning DVD!

Heading to Disney World or Disneyland in 2013? Be sure to request your FREE Walt Disney World Vacation Planning DVD and get started with your planning today! Once you have your DVD be sure to stop by Chip and Co for the best in Disney Park News, Planning Tips, Giveaway and Much More!We try to collect these every year if we goto Disney World or not. Do you? Let us know in the comment box below.Just click the image above to order yours today! Related articlesLook for New Disney World … [Read more...]

Tips For Wet Rides: Stay Dry and Avoid the SOAK!

There's nothing like a fall down Splash Mountain to cool you off on a hot day in the parks.  And while those hot days far outweigh the cooler days, it's good to know how to wrangle water rides on those days where getting soaked isn't exactly in the books.What about those days where you are awaiting dining reservations, carrying pricey camera equipment, or braving the chilly parks.  I've been there friends and I can tell you with experience that skipping the ride isn't fun.  But, what can be … [Read more...]