World’s Hottest Pepper at Epcot


How hot could it be? You brave souls who've wondered while floating by "The World's Hottest Pepper" inside The Land Pavilion at Epcot should probably see today's blog video.Related articlesPucker Up! Giant Lemons 'Now Growing' at Epcot ( Disney World Quick Tips - Don't Miss The 'Train Setup' At Epcot ( … [Read more...]

The little things that makes Disney, Disney

Walt Disney World Entrance

In a world where the term “Customer Service” seemingly is not in the dictionary anymore, there is one thing that Walt Disney World does that nobody else does even close: Customer Service.We have been to Disney many times over the years, and will be there many times in the future to come as well.  I have yet to remember a single time when we received anything even remotely resembling mediocre service.  I thought I would take a moment and relay to you some of those great customer service … [Read more...]

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade to Debut in Summer at Disneyland


Along with Star Tours 2.0 and Little Mermaid being pushed back to June, the new parade at Disneyland will also make its way to the park in the summer. This news, along with the date push-backs, were announced on Inside the Magic's website.Mickey's Soundsational Parade will feature many performers and Disney characters making their way down Main Street while grooving to Disney tunes.I'm super excited for this parade, and I hope a lot of other people are, too!Photo courtesy of Disney … [Read more...]

What not to miss at Disney’s California Adventure

Disney California Adventure

"To all people who believe in the power of dreams, welcome.Disney's California Adventure opens its golden gates to you." -- Michael, Eisner, February 8, 2001, opening day Disney California Adventure Park was conceived as a  tribute and a celebration of the history and cultural diversity of California, and meant to feel as if guests had just walked into a vintage California postcard. Construction began in 1998 on the 55 acres that once housed a 5,000 car parking lot. The expansion of … [Read more...]

Make a Valentine on’s Create!


Create a valentine on with the new Minnie Mouse Digital Painter on can use stamps to create their own pictures of Minnie and the gang, or draw a unique piece of art using whimsical Valentine-themed pens and fun backgrounds.After creating valentines on’s Create, guests can get even more Minnie Mouse fun at Disney with cute Valentine’s Day printables for kids and parents to make together.Guests can make the Mickey & Minnie … [Read more...]