The Magic Behind the ‘Company’: Getting to Know Brenda

This is an interesting little assignment from Chip this week. He wanted to let all of you get to know all of us which is a great idea, but I don’t remember the last time I thought about myself so much. :)About You:Name? Brenda Where do you live? I was born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast and I am here to stay; at least until I retire, buy a mobile home and become a part-timer at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds in  Walt Disney World. How long have you been with Chip and Company? I … [Read more...]

First-Time Experiences at Walt Disney World

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t enjoyed Splash Mountain and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror yet, don’t read this article! Everyone else, enjoy!I think we can all agree that the first time we experienced a Disney show, Ride, or Attraction, was the best time! Not knowing what to expect only heightened the fun and made us gasp and giggle at all the right places. We can never get closer to the feelings that the Imagineers wanted to invoke in us than during our first exposure.I’d like to … [Read more...]

Be Mine at Walt Disney World

What kind of Disney couple are you… adventurous, fun-loving, or romantic? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to plan the perfect Disney day for your sweetheart, no matter whether your budget is big or small.There are endless possibilities. Here are some ideas to get you started. Adventurous Spirit Thrill Rides. With a Park Hopper Pass in hand, hit all the roller coasters and thrill rides in all four Disney theme parks.Magic Kingdom. Ride Space Mountain and Big … [Read more...]

Blue Sky Cellar Update Showcases Upcoming Little Mermaid Attraction

The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s Undersea Adventure becomes the newest star in the 2011 update of Walt Disney Imagineering Blue Sky Cellar, the place where Disney California Adventure park guests find an exclusive preview of what is new and what is coming next for the expansion of the Disneyland Resort. Beginning Friday, January 28, a refreshed Blue Sky Cellar show will feature new models and a new video, along with dozens of concept drawings for the Little Mermaid attraction and other upcoming … [Read more...]

My Fab Five Disney’s Hollywood Studios Attractions

This  installment will be easy. Disney's Hollywood Studios is one of two parks where I really enjoy all of the Biggies. I know there are quite a few folks who disagree with some of my choices for my Fab Five but here, all of the best attractions fit in to the choices. Let's get going:5. Star Tours - We have always enjoyed the original and are looking forward to trying the new 3-D version when we get back in October. The only concern I have is possible motion sickness issues when you combine … [Read more...]

What Is ‘The Best Seat In The House’ At Walt Disney World?

When I first went to Walt Disney World, I thought I had to be at the head of the line for everything. So I arrived early for Shows. Huddled by the Entry Doors of Attractions. And ran to the Rides. Many have done this thinking that it will give them ‘the best seat in the house.’ But it doesn’t!After my first visit, or what I now affectionately call my learning curve, I took a more leisurely approach. So in this article, I am going to share with you just how to get that ‘best seat in the … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Fun Facts

STATISTICS:Walt Disney World Resort is a contiguous nearly 39-square-mile, world-class entertainment and recreation center featuring four theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney's Animal Kingdom); two water adventure parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon); 34 resort hotels (24 owned and operated by Walt Disney World, includes seven Disney Vacation Club resort properties); 81 holes of golf on five courses; two full-service spas; Disney's Wedding … [Read more...]

Halloween Time Returns to the Disneyland Resort

Halloween Time returns to the Disneyland Resort Sept. 17-Oct. 31, 2010, with seasonal décor and attractions, including Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy -- the thrillingly "haunted" version of the popular Tomorrowland attraction -- along with favorites Haunted Mansion Holiday and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.Guests will also experience spooky fun with characters in whimsical costumes and Disney's more sinister characters, the Disney Villains. … [Read more...]

Halloween Time Returns Sept. 17 as Disney Villains Transform Disneyland Resort for the Season

Disney villains will invade Disneyland park along with Mickey Mouse and his friends in Halloween costumes when Halloween Time returns to Disneyland Resort Sept. 17 through Oct. 31.  Highlights of the Disneyland Halloween season include the return of Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy – the thrillingly "haunted" version of the popular Tomorrowland attraction – and the longtime favorite Haunted Mansion Holiday, in which Halloween and Christmas collide for an attraction inspired by "Tim Burton's … [Read more...]

The Best Things I Love About Disney Is… The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

There are three things that are important to me on a Disney attraction, 1-Theme, 2-Back Story, and 3-the WOW! factor of the Ride itself. Most of the ride attractions at Walt Disney World have at least one or two of these and many have all three but one embodies all of them better than any of the others – The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.From the time you enter Disney’s Hollywood Studios the sheer size and scope of the attraction grab you and draw you in. As you walk down Sunset Boulevard it … [Read more...]