The 7 Deadly Sins of Disney World Vacationing

Disney is the one place where planning is non-negotiable. The people who have a miserable time at Disney World are the ones who just show up and wander around, or stupidly stand in hour + lines at Splash Mountain. People who “never want to go back to Disney World” most likely committed one of the 7 deadly sins of WDW vacationing:Those sins are: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy & Gluttony.Wrath – People who hate WDW spend a large amount of time yelling at (or being yelled at by) … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips for Parents with Children under 3

We have been bringing our girls to Disney World for some time now. Our oldest who is 5 has been to Disney World 6 times and my youngest who just turned 1 has already been twice. So traveling to the parks with children is something I know pretty well.Having said that it has been a learning process for us. Some things we have tried were an utter disaster while others were great ideas that we use time and again. I wanted to share some of the Quick Tips we have learned to help make your trip … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips: Photography Lessons

I take a LOT of photos on every visit to Walt Disney World and have literally thousands of them loaded on to my computer. That being said, I am neither a professional nor a particularly talented photographer. I just shoot what I like.This group of tips will focus primarily on photography and some of the things that will make taking photos both easier and hopefully be satisfying to you, the photographer.By the way, I've made ALL of the mistakes I refer to here:Before You Go: Be … [Read more...]

Family Traditions at Walt Disney World

I love Walt Disney World, that is no secret.  I love the rides and food and characters, but that is not the best part of Walt Disney World for me.  I love the quality family time spent together and the traditions built each trip.  I am a Stay at Home Mom to our little girl and my husband works very hard to make that happen.  But unfortunatly sometimes that means him working late nights and sacrificing daily family time to give us the home life we strive for.  But when we are at Walt Disney World … [Read more...]

Disney trip planning with food allergies

One of the best-kept secrets at Disney World is their food allergy program, which is part of the Special Diets service. It’s not really a secret, and they don’t try to hide it, but it’s not widely known because they don’t advertise it. But they really go the extra mile to safely serve those who have food allergies.Since you’ve already found Chip & Company, you may have also found information advising you to contact the Special Diets program at 407-824-5967 or via email at … [Read more...]

Disney Hollywood Studios gets Fireworks and Obama visits Magic Kingdom

Here there guys and gals Anonymouse here.Disney World is a buzz this morning with reports that President Obama is stopping by the Magic Kingdom. According to WESH he will be in the Orlando area to talk about the failed prosperous economy.So what makes you think he will stop by the Magic Kingdom you might ask?Well according to Inside the Magic Disney’s Hollywood Studios will feature a new fireworks show called “Rock the Night” on Thursday, January 19, 2012, at 7 p.m., just as regular … [Read more...]

PlanItDisney – A fast and easy way to plan your trip, a revolutionary free Disney trip planning website, went live to the public today.  PlanItDisney allows users to build an online travel itinerary and budget from over 3000 Points of Interest in and around Disneyland and Walt Disney World.Planning a vacation with PlanItDisney is a four step process:The Map - An interactive map containing photos, details, descriptions, and reviews for every single attraction, show, hotel, service, food, and transportation location at the … [Read more...]

Florida Residents Enjoy Monday to Friday Fun and Savings with Weekday Select Pass

Florida residents can now put some more magic in their week with the hottest ticket at Walt Disney World Resort – the Disney Weekday Select Pass.For just $169 plus tax the pass offers Florida residents more than 180 weekdays of fun at all four Walt Disney World theme parks, along with extras like special Passholder discounts, Passholder-only events and exclusive Passholder newsletters.  All for less than a dollar a day!Block-out days apply. Passes are non-transferable and valid for one … [Read more...]

Giving is our Way at Disney – a Poem

To the tune of “Winter Wonderland” Community called, we were listening, At the ready, our smiles a glistening Bringing holiday cheer, And donating all year, Giving is our way at Disneyland.We gave away – record donations To charities, and foundations $13 million was contributed, in So Cal it was distributed Giving is our way at Disneyland.For the kids cast members held a toy drive, Led by the one and only Mickey Mouse He said: Are you giving? We said: Yes Mic, Thousands to … [Read more...]

Holiday Carols by Didgeridoo at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort

Just one of the many musical offerings happening at Downtown Disney at Walt Disney World Resort this weekend are holiday carols played on the didgeridoo, one of the world’s oldest instruments.Related articlesA 'Towering' New Race Through the Night at Walt Disney World Resort ( For Kids' Sake: Disney Offers $1.5 Million in Grants to Local Nonprofits ( … [Read more...]