How to Tour the Parks – Visiting the Magic Kingdom in a Wheelchair

Visiting Walt Disney World in a wheelchair can be tricky. Disney does a good job with getting information out there but I still learn something new on every trip. There are a few things that are not in the guide book and some things are constantly changing. In this article, and the ones to follow, I am going to let you know a few things that I have learned on my visits to Walt Disney World. Disney is a magical place and I feel like they go above and beyond when it comes to wheelchair … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning – Picking the Resort & Time of Year

Currently I am planning a Disney trip for September 2012. Since planning is half the fun I decided to bring everyone along on my planning journey. Follow this series of articles for some fantastic planning tips and ideas and feel free to share your ideas with me to help me on my way!Today is March 6, 2012. I leave for Orlando September 27, 2012. This leaves me a little over six months to plan my trip. The first thing I had to do was choose a resort and a time to travel. I was recently at the … [Read more...]

The 7 Deadly Sins of Disney World Vacationing

Disney is the one place where planning is non-negotiable. The people who have a miserable time at Disney World are the ones who just show up and wander around, or stupidly stand in hour + lines at Splash Mountain. People who “never want to go back to Disney World” most likely committed one of the 7 deadly sins of WDW vacationing:Those sins are: Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust, Envy & Gluttony.Wrath – People who hate WDW spend a large amount of time yelling at (or being yelled at by) … [Read more...]

Top Five Theme Park Fashion Mistakes.

1. "The Fanny Pack Avenger."  Remember back in the early 90s when people first started wearing fanny packs?  Remember how great they were? Yeah, me neither.   But, you can laugh now, but when you need a band-aid or a can of Fix-a-Flat or just about anything, guess who you'll be asking for help? I love this article by Brenda called Fanny Packs: Just say no! 2. The "Not-So-Rugged Individualist."  Okay, I can't pick on this guy because I kind of love him. Plus, the boots.  They're … [Read more...]

Top 5 Apps for your Disneyland Vacation

Every family traveling to the magical world of Disneyland eventually comes to the same question: How am I going to fit it everything I want to do/see in just three days? Smartphones have made it remarkably easier to accomplish this task, acting as pocket tour guides with tips, reviews, and behind-the-scenes info. Browse this list of 5 apps and select the one that’s the best fit for you. You’ll love actually enjoying all the park has to offer rather than spending your day staring at maps, … [Read more...]

I Survived the Holidays at Disney World

Some of you cringe when you hear holidays and Disney in the same sentence, but I can’t imagine a more magical place to spend the Christmas season.  With the right mind set and a little (ok, a lot) of planning, you can make merry memories you want and not turn into a Scrooge.First and foremost, keep a positive attitude.  You are going to be around A LOT of people!  Thousands of them all trying to see and do the same things as you.  Prepare yourself.  Use your manners, be polite, don’t lose … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning Tips – Don’t Leave Home Without It

Are you all pack and ready to make your way down to Walt Disney World? Well, open those suitcases back up and add a few more “must” items.Plastic Bags - Baggies are a must have item at Disney World unless you walk the parks without any extra items. They are perfect for keeping those important, must not get wet items, dry. Not only is Florida known for their sudden showers, but also there are a couple of fun rides that just may leave you and your belongings waterlogged. Nothing will ruin a … [Read more...]

Things You Need to Know Before Your First Walt Disney World Vacation

So you finally did it. You saved up enough money to go to Walt Disney World.  Now you just need to book everything and you’re on your way!Well, not quite.  There’s a lot of First Timers who seem to think going to Walt Disney World is no different than any other vacation they’ve ever taken.  Unfortunately, that isn’t true.  While a bohemian approach won’t ruin a Disney vacation, a little planning goes a long way.  More often than not, the people who callously disregard experienced … [Read more...]

The 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World Trips

There are some things that you just should not... SHOULD NOT do when you're at Walt Disney World. They are major time pitfalls!  Think of them as being the 10 Commandments of Walt Disney World trips! Commit them to memory, recite them daily if you have to. Just follow them, or risk a disaster of a trip! You wont wander Egypt, but WDW will feel just as big! 1) KNOW THY MAP- Before you even leave you should study Disney World maps like you were about to pick a college! Knowing WHERE things are … [Read more...]

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party: 2011 Updates

It’s almost that time! Time for a spook-tacular time at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!I hear that among all your favorite party past times there will be a few new additions to the party this year.Don’t hold your breath for anything drastic, the party hasn’t undergone an overhaul, just a few minor adjustments due to the Fantasyland expansion and the non-existence of Mickey’s ToownTown Fair.Alice & Mad Hatter’s Treat Trail, which used to start in Toontown and end in … [Read more...]