Disney Princess Dresses Make Their Royal Debut at D23

As I was writing this I found out the Royal baby is a boy, which is disappointing because I had a witty comment about perfect timing of this press release and the birth of a new princess, possibly. Shhh don't tell anyone I was hoping for a princess! Either way these are beautiful dresses.There is an amazing display of exclusive gowns inspired by Disney’s Princesses making their U.S. debut at the D23 Expo inside the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit. These designs by top designers … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways Princess Leia is a Disney Princess

Ever since Disney purchased LucasFilm and announced upcoming Star Wars films, Disney fans are beginning to consider Princess Leia as the newest Disney princess; and after Merida's Coronation and  2013 Star Wars Weekends beginning this week, I got to thinking that Leia really does deserve to be one of those royal ladies.Now I know what you're thinking. Princess Leia doesn't exactly generate thoughts about cute, woodland creatures, ball gowns, and sweet, romantic ballads; but Princess Leia is … [Read more...]

Disney Forever Enchanted 2013 Prom Collection

The Walt Disney Company has now expanded to make prom dresses! Working with Xcite Prom, they have teamed up with the Walt Disney Company to introduce the Disney Forever Enchanted 2013 Prom Collection. This debut collection pulls from different aspects of the classic Disney animated film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” To capture the story of Snow White portrayed in the film, the Disney Forever Enchanted 2013 Prom Collection offers seven design themes that range from sweet and demure to … [Read more...]

Disney On Ice Presents Treasure Trove

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove sets the gold standard with a magical medley of Disney tales in one jam-packed ice show that commemorates the legacy of Disney animated films. Treasure Trove is one of the many Disney On Ice shows touring the US right now. If it hasn't made it to your area it will soon.On  Sunday, February 24, 2013 the Treasure Trove made its way into my city and with two Disney loving little boys they were ready. I groaned at the thought of spending money on another ice … [Read more...]

Tina Fey poses with Snow White at Walt Disney World

“Tina Fey, your award-winning series ’30 Rock’ has just ended its successful seven-season run on television. What are you going to do next?”The response from the multi-talented writer, producer, actress, author, show creator and comedienne easily could have been “I’m going to Disney World!” — because that’s exactly what she did. After production recently ended on her acclaimed comedy series, Fey enjoyed a visit to Walt Disney World Resort. Her next film, “Admission,” is a comedy/drama … [Read more...]

Show Your Love With These Disney Themed Gifts

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! For some of us, that panic might be setting in about "what gift do I get my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance?" If your significant other happens to be a Disney lover, then you're in luck!Here are some great Disney Theme Gift Ideas:Photo Gifts: Put together a Disney Scrapbook full of Disney trip pictures, old Fastpasses, and other trinkets you've picked up along the way! Disney scrapbooking supplies can be found at … [Read more...]

Build-A-Bear Workshop Introduces Disney Princess Collection

 Build-A-Bear Workshop, the interactive retailer of customized stuffed animals, is celebrating the launch of its Disney Princess bear and collection of enchanting costumes by hosting Princess Weekend, Friday, Jan. 11, through Sunday, Jan. 13, in stores throughout North America. Guests will be given the royal treatment with paper crowns and jewel stickers to decorate in their own special way. After a crowning and knighting ceremony, Guests will be able to create magical memories with the new … [Read more...]

Disney Princess Toy Maker Pays Large Fine

Horizon Group USA, makes of "Disney Princess" jewelry kits in California has agreed to pay a $225,000 fine for selling deceptively packaged items. Horizon would not admit any wrongdoing and the District Attorney's Office has said that there is no evidence to suggest Horizon intended to defraud consumers.A Chula Vista woman complained when her daughter bought a "Disney Princess" jewelery kit with her saved money and was "crushed" when she opened it and it was only half full. The packaging … [Read more...]

Snow White Exhibit Opens At Disney Family Museum

Snow White is celebrating it's 75th anniversary and to help celebrate an exhibition of behind-the-scenes of Snow White opens up Thursday at The Walt Disney Family Museum.The first feature-length animated film made, Snow White has been named the number one animated film by the AFI (American Film Institute).  The film was seen by 20 million people in the first three months when it was released in the 1930s.Many of the works in the exhibit have never been seen before and are now on display … [Read more...]

My Top 5 must have, most forgotten items for the kids!

35 Days!  Yes that is the countdown until our "Holiday" trip begins!  I usually am pretty stress free (except for the night before/morning of the trip).  This trip however is a bit different for me.  This upcoming trip I will be traveling with BOTH kids!  Yes I know some of you are old pro's at this but for us this is the first time traveling with not just one child but 2!  I am not embarrassed to admit I am a little stressed! I have the traveling with one kid down pat...Jr has been to Disney 3 … [Read more...]