Saving Money on Your Disney Vacation…Using Gift Cards!


Hey all! Pretty soon, I will be heading to the most magical place in the world and as lifetime Disney lover, I can not wait! They only downside about a Disney vacation?? ... The cost!!As any Disney goer knows, anything Disney is not cheap! I am no gazillionaire so deciding to go on a Disney vacation is a big deal and requires a lot of thought and planning. Saving money on my Disney vacation is a big plus! Over the next few weeks I thought I would share any tips and tricks I have done or are … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Parkhopper with Small Children at Walt Disney World

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Disney World Parkhoppers are a great idea, allowing you to "hop" from park to park in the same day. Without them, you're restricted to one park per day no matter how many days are on your ticket.  But they're also expensive. A family of four can expect to add around $225 (they're around $55 each)  to their total ticket cost, regardless of whether they stay one day or ten.  Still, I find the park hopper option invaluable.  It allows me to visit one park earlier in the day even if I have a dining … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Save Money for Your Disney Trip and Reduce Expenses

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We’ve been passholders for several years now and people are always asking us to help them plan their trips, including ways to save money for their planned Disney trip. We live 10 hours away from Walt Disney World, so even though we’re annual passholders, we do indeed still have to be disciplined to save for our trips. It’s not exactly cheap to make the trip from NC and we’re just a single-income household living off less than half what we had in income before my husband’s neck injury nearly 6 … [Read more...]

10 Money Saving Tips for your next Disney World Vacation

Want to take the kids to the Disney World, but money a little tight? With this economy who's budget isn't tight...With a little planning it can be done: here are ten ways to save on your next Disney World Vacation.Stay at a Disney Value Resort Hotels - While on property you still get all the extra's as someone staying at the larger resorts. Such as Disney Transportation, extra magic hours, Disney Dining Plan, and much more. The rooms might be a little smaller but your just there to sleep … [Read more...]

Easy Ways to Save Money for your next Disney Vacation

In this economy, taking a Disney Vacation can be a luxury, but it’s still something we all want to do, particularly those of us who want, no wait, need to visit the Mouse. While the best way to do it is to put money directly into a trip fund every month, there are a few painless ways save up for that big vacation as well:Pay with cash and throw the change in a  Disney only jar. When the jar gets full, you can celebrate by taking it to your bank and putting it into your trip savings. Make … [Read more...]