Disney Quick Tips – Try A Dole Whip

dole whip

The Disney Resorts offer some pretty amazing snacks. There are plenty of Mickey shaped snacks at Disney, but there are also quite a few other delicious snacks that you just have to try. At the top of that list is the Dole Whip.The Dole Whip soft serve sorbet treat arguably one of the best Disney snacks. While Dole Whips are available in orange and vanilla flavors, the pineapple flavor is by far the most popular. At Walt Disney World, you will find Dole Whips at Aloha Isle in Adventureland. … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tips – Try Character Dining


Meeting the Disney Characters is one of the highlights of visiting a Disney park. Unfortunately, the lines to meet these characters can get quite long. Luckily, there is a way to hang out with your favorite characters without the long lines - character dining.Each of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, as well as many of the Disney resorts, offer character dining options. You can dine with Mickey and friends in the Contemporary, Pooh and friends in the Magic Kingdom, or even dine with … [Read more...]

What is a Disney Pin Code and How do you get one?


People ask me all the time what is a Disney Pin Code? The second question in that sequence is usually How do I get one? While the first question is pretty easy the 2nd one takes a little work, but here goes...A Disney Pin Code is a special discount Disney sends to you to entice you to book a Disney Vacation. Most Pin Code deals start rolling out when Disney is running a special promotion (like now). Usually the deals are better than the offers that are out there to make it hard not to want … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tips – Be Sure To Use Disney’s FASTPASS


Waiting in long lines is often part of vacationing at the Most Magical Place On Earth. Let's face it, there's nothing magical about waiting in line when you could be spinning in your very own teacup or taking a ride on a doom buggy! So how do you avoid these long lines? Just take advantage of Disney's FASTPASS system.There are currently two types of FASTPASSES available - the regular Fastpass which uses your park ticket to issue a paper FASTPASS and the FASTPASS+ which utilizes the MagicBand … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tip – Take A Picture Of Where You Parked


Our Disney Quick Tip goes out to all those people who forgot where they parked at the Disney Theme Parks.There are many things you should take pictures of while on your Disney vacation. Obviously, you'll want to take photos of attractions, parades, fireworks, and your family. However, there are also some other important items you will definitely want to photograph, one of the most important being where you parked.The parking lots at Disney are huge, so it's easy to forget where you … [Read more...]