Which Walt Disney World Moderate Resort Is Right For You?

When it comes to picking which Walt Disney World Resort to stay at, the options are endless – and can be overwhelming! They come in three “sizes” – Value, Moderate, and Deluxe, and as the names suggest, the perks (and pricetag!) goes up with each level. Many families find that the Moderate Resorts are a great choice for them – not too expensive, with great theming and bigger rooms and more on-site amenities than the Value Resorts – these are a great choice for a lot of reasons! So which Moderate … [Read more...]

Top 10 Walt Disney World Christmas Trees

If you’ve visited any of the Disney Parks during the Christmas holiday season, then you know that Disney goes all out in decorating their larger-than-life Christmas trees. Each tree is customized to the park or resort where the tree is found, making them all special in their own little way. Not all are created equal and a little more thought went into some more than others it seems. During our recent trip a few weeks ago, we visited 18 different resorts plus all 4 parks, so I did thorough … [Read more...]

Port Orleans: Riverside Vs. French Quarter – Which Is Right For Me?

Walt Disney World has tons of amazing Resorts to choose from – there’s the family (and wallet) friendly Value Resorts, the amenity rich and opulent Deluxe Resorts – and then there’s my personal favorite, the Moderate Resorts – which combine great theming and amenities for the best of both worlds!Of the Moderate Resorts, I love Port Orleans the most – the New Orleans theme is amazing, and it has a great atmosphere – and best of all – there are TWO resorts to pick from! Port Orleans Riverside … [Read more...]

Disney For Adults – FAQ

Whenever I tell someone I am headed to Walt Disney World on my next vacation, I always get the same response – something along the lines of a weird look and a comment like “Again?” or “I thought Disney was just for kids”. I just smile and explain to them that we love it there and leave it at that. I do get a lot of questions about Disney for Adults, so I thought it might be helpful to go over some of the most common ones:“I thought WDW was just for kids?” – This could not be more wrong! WDW … [Read more...]

Rapid Fill Mug Update at Walt Disney World

Many of you may recognize the new Rapid Fill mugs from Walt Disney World.F.Y.I. The new colors are, Green, Purple, and Orange. So we finally get new colors but the same design, I guess you can't get everything you want.I was at Port Orleans French Quarter recently and I got a chance to use the new system and I also asked some Cast Members about the new system and I tried to get as much as info as possible for my fellow Disney Addicts.I got a paper cup with an RFID chip in it. With … [Read more...]

Disney World Gossip Roundup – Magic Bands, Rapid Refill, and Resort Fridges

Hiya!! I have been a busy little bee lately, getting all the best gossip for you. I have quite a bit of gossip for you today, but who doesn't love some good Disney World gossip right? Chippy might get jealous that I know more gossip than him so remember you didn't hear it from me.I know a lot of people have been looking forward to the Magicbands, well I have some great news for you. It seems as though Magicbands will be rolled out at the Port Orleans Riverside resort as of September 3. It is … [Read more...]

Is Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside the Right Resort for You?

My family has enjoyed a couple of weeklong stays at Walt Disney World’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort. The question asked above, is it for you, depends on what you are looking for in a Resort, how much time you will actually spend at the Resort, and what types of amenities you prefer. My family stays at the Value and Moderate Resorts, because we do not spend a lot of time in our room or exploring the property. We get our fill of adventure at the Parks and Downtown Disney area and only hit the … [Read more...]

Disney World Resorts – Which Moderate Resort Is Right For Me?

Last week I talked about the WDW Value Resorts, and gave some information that hopefully helped you decide if they would work for you and your family. While the Value Resorts are great, they aren't for everyone, and if you're not sure the over the top decor and super family friendly atmosphere of the Value Resorts is quite your style, then read on for some information about Disney's Moderate Resorts:Price: Moderate means "middle of the road", so at these Resorts, you will pay more for a room … [Read more...]

Visiting Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter Resort – Why It’s Worth The Trip

Port Orleans French Quarter is one of Disney's Moderate Resorts, and it's modeled after New Orlean's historic French Quarter. It's a great Resort to stay at, and it's also a great Resort to visit, even if you aren't staying there!So why should you go out of your way to visit this quaint little resort?Well, there are many reasons:Atmosphere (and Romance!) - it is a quiet, laid back resort that really encompasses the New Orleans "big easy" style. When you walk in through the lobby, … [Read more...]

Is Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter for you?

Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter is one of those Disney Resorts that -- at least for our family -- takes our breath away every time we visit.  POFQ is a Moderate priced resort, so it's a little more expensive than the Value resorts, but not as expensive as a Deluxe resort.  POFQ is the sister resort to the other Port Orleans Resort -- Riverside, which is just a short distance away.  Let's take a look at the Pros and Cons for staying at this resort!Pros:Port Orleans French Quarter is … [Read more...]