5 Things that Happen Immediately When I Get Home From Disney

We got back from Walt Disney World on November 2, and already I am being hit with Post Disney Depression! I want a dole whip, I want to ride Space Mountain, and I want to smell Pirates of the Caribbean (have you ever noticed the particular smell?!)I know I am not the only person who has these feelings immediately after returning from a magical trip. All Disney fans share the struggles of returning to real life (work, house cleaning, and responsibilities) after Disney. The pain is a little … [Read more...]

New Tiered Annual Pass Ticket Program Coming to Walt Disney World

One great program Walt Disney World offers, is the option of the Annual Passes. These great ticket options allow guests to visit the parks multiple times through out the year, and save on the cost it would normally be to purchase new tickets each visit.Being introduced October 4, 2015 is a new Tiered Annual Pass program, that has a new color coded pricing structure. The new passes will be the Platinum Premium, Platinum, Gold, and Silver. The Platinum Premium, Platinum and Gold passes will … [Read more...]

Save Room In Your Budget For These Top 5 Disney Souvenirs

There are SO MANY great things about going to Walt Disney World for vacation – the rides, the FOOD, the characters, the magic…I love it ALL! And another thing I always make sure that I do while I am there is some shopping – I love checking out the latest items at all the stores, and I always make sure to save room in my trip budget for some souvenirs. There is a TON of stuff to choose from, so if you aren’t sure what to buy, then maybe you should check out my list of Top 5 Disney … [Read more...]

What You Need to Know About The My Disney Experience App

As I'm writing this article, I am actually sitting in my hotel room at the beautiful, newly renovated Polynesian Village Resort. That's right, instead of having a Lapu Lapu at the Tambu Lounge, I just had to share some news with you fellow Disney Addicts about the My Disney Experience App.  Before I get into it, I should note that this is not our first time using the MDE App.  We visited Disney last year and found the app to be really useful.  But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the … [Read more...]

Disney adds PhotoPass to the My Disney Experience Mobile App

Today Disney has added Photopass to the My Disney Experience mobile app! Finally!In addition to planning and sharing your Walt Disney World vacation, the latest My Disney Experience mobile app update will now allow you to:View all your Disney PhotoPass vacation photos, including photos from select attraction and dining locations Purchase Memory Maker to receive access to all of those Walt Disney World vacation memories for one price Find Disney PhotoPass Photographer locations at … [Read more...]

Disney Adds Watermarks over PhotoPass Images

Earlier this week Disney added a copyright protection to the photos taken by PhotoPass photographers. Now, when you view the photos on the website, there is a watermark over the image. This is to discourage guests from taking a screen shot of their photos in order to save the image without purchasing it first.The watermark will appear on photos that have not been purchased both on the index screen and during any editing process. If the photo is purchased, or is a part of the Memory Maker … [Read more...]

How To Celebrate Your Love At Walt Disney World

Admittedly, this article is inspired by my own life, as my husband and I will soon be celebrating 5 years of marriage! Over those five years we have taken several trips to Walt Disney World – and we even vacationed there for our honeymoon! We love getting to spend time together at the Disney Parks, and it’s a great place to go with your significant other to celebrate your wedding/honeymoon, engagement, or anniversary. How can you make your Disney trip special and romantic? Read on to find … [Read more...]

Make the most of your Character interactions at Walt Disney World

Disney if full of adorable, lovable and just have to meet Characters. Let's be honest, if you're going one of the Disney parks, there is a character you want to meet. There are multiple ways to make your experience more memorable, and for the Cast Members and other guests around you as well. If we all do a few little things while in line and during the Meet & Greets, it can make it just a little more Magical for everyone!Wait lines can be long (If you don't have a FP), especially when … [Read more...]

Is Memory Maker Right For Your Walt Disney World Vacation?

Walt Disney World introduced Memory Maker in late 2013, allowing guest unlimited digital photos taken at Disney PhotoPass locations through out the resort.  These photos can then be downloaded to your personal computer and printed at any photo processing center or used any way you'd like.  Even better, Memory Maker includes ride photos, dining photos and now video from the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Memory Maker is sold at select retail locations at … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Know If You’re an Disney Addict: Part 2

Chances are that if you are like myself and the other writers here at Chip and Co., you are a Disney Addict. We have yet to find a cure, but the symptoms of this condition are rather obvious. Most likely your own friends and family have pointed them out to you or questioned your sanity a time or two. If you missed Part 1 of 2 click here to see the initial symptoms of this addiction.Here are more ways to know if you're a Disney Addict...1. You can navigate the Disney parks better than you … [Read more...]