Top 10 WDW Locations To Photograph After Dark

Dumbo at Night

There are so many great locations to photograph at Walt Disney World during the day, but some of my favorite photographs are those taken after dark. The lighting on many of the attractions, as well as, the park icons makes everything come alive at night. Let's take a look at our top 10 Walt Disney World locations to photograph after dark.10. Spaceship Earth makes for some great photos during the day, but it looks even more spectacular after dark. The multicolored lights shining on this park … [Read more...]

Scrap That Disney Vacation!


You should scrap your Disney vacation. No... I don't mean cancel your trip, I mean scrapbook all those amazing photos you took during your fun-filled Disney vacation!Scrapbooking is a popular hobby. There are even regional and national expos and conventions held throughout the year where dedicated scrappers gather to see new products and check out new trends in the crafting industry. I love to scrap, but I am not a die-hard scrapper. I do, however, have an obsession with Disney stickers and … [Read more...]

Review of Kingdom Camera Rentals at Walt Disney World

Daisy Duck MVMCP

If you’re like me, you LOVE to take pictures while on vacation at WDW. I’ve been a professional photographer for several years now, so it just seems natural for me to visit the parks with a camera in hand. I don’t take nearly as many pics as I use to though since we make several trips a year as passholders and you can only have so many pictures of Cinderalla’s before they start to look the same. Because of that, I always make it a point to take on a personal photography project when I make trips … [Read more...]

WDW Pics 2 App Review

WDW Pics 2 App Screenshot 2

If you’re like me, you always have a Disney themed background on your electronic devices. Well, I recently discovered an awesome app available on iTunes called WDW Pics 2. This app features over 50 different professional photos from Walt Disney World that you can use as the wallpaper for your Apple devices. It also lets you make a collage of photos using both the photos in the app and your own photos – how cool is that?As a professional photographer, I generally only use my own photos from … [Read more...]

10 Photography Tips for Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation


Pictures are the best souvenir of any Disney vacation, at least in my opinion.  I often find myself saying, "Please smile nicely.  Pictures are mommy's souvenir."  When we get home, I look forward to developing them, putting them in Disney frames, and even using some as photo gifts.  This past vacation, I took over 600 pictures!   But, before I can do those things, I need to be able to photograph well, right?  Hopefully these Photography Tips for Your Next Walt Disney World Vacation will help … [Read more...]