You’re gonna pack what? Tips for a Twist on Typical Disney Parks Packing!

 I just returned from a GLORIOUS week at Disney World where I celebrated my birthday in true Disney Princess style!  It was fabulous!  I highly encourage you to take a birthday trip  (if you've never done that before).  While I was at my home away from home, I noticed a theme in my days.  This theme came in the form of atypical uses that I have for very typical items.  Also included in this theme are items that I am repurposing and packing for my next trip!  With this theme in mind,  … [Read more...]

Disney Quick Tips – Packing Your Carry on Bag

Packing for the Disney Parks can be both stressful and exciting. There are several different thoughts on what to pack in your carry on bag when you fly to Disney:Pack everything you need for your entire vacation in one bag so you don't have to deal with bag check.  This is my father. Pack only in your pockets- keys, wallet, money, ID, chapstick- and carry a book.  This is my husband. Pack a backpack with as many books, magazines, toys, handheld games, snacks and gadgets as possible. … [Read more...]

Don’t forget to pack your Medicine!

Normally I would tell you to just say no to drugs, but on a  Disney World Vacation I'm tellin' you...YOU BETTA BRING SOME WITH YOU!!!On two of my trips to WDW I got sick. Sick as a dog. Sick as in "please Jesus let me DIE before my throat explodes" kind of sick.  I'm fairly sure  I spent as much on medicine at the gift shops as I did on park-tickets!People book Disney vacations months in advance, so if they, or their children get sick it is extremely likely they will go ahead and on … [Read more...]

Packing for the Parks – What do you bring with you?

When you are headed out into the parks at Disney World you often want to bring along a small bag with a few items that will be useful during your day of touring. It is a good idea to pack necessary items without going overboard and ending up with a bunch of useless items.Here is my list of things that you should include when packing for the parks.1. Theme park tickets or Key to the World Card (Take a picture of these items on your phone in case you lose them.)2. Money and Credit … [Read more...]

Pack Like a Pro for your next Disney Cruise

I distinctly remember my Mother packing for vacations when I was a child. I would sit in silence and awe as she completed the ritual of counting socks and “unmentionables” and it seemed no matter how overflowing the drawer was, leaving for vacation always required more undies and socks.With a few cruises already under my belt it was my pleasure to torture my mother about packing for her first cruise. While she reverted to her systematic counting I was making a list of the things she’d soon … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Packing Your Electronics

Have you ever wondered how in the world you were going to keep all those tiny things safe in your luggage?Chargers for all your electronic items, iPods, mini video cameras, OTC medications, first aid items, portable video game cartridges, extra memory cards/sticks and batteries are just a few of the small itemspictured above.All these objects fit nicely in a pencil case where they are protected and can easily be stored inside the in-room safe in most resort rooms. I would refrain from … [Read more...]

Disney Planning Tips: Don’t Forget To Pack For The Bathroom!

When people make their packing list for a vacation at Walt Disney World or Disneyland most people that I know just write “toiletries”.  This is fine for some people, but for me, I need “toiletries” to be listed out specifically!  If I just rely on my little brain to remember all the bathroom and toiletry needs for our family of 4, I KNOW I’d forget something.I know Disney provides soap, shampoo and conditioner in each room but I always pack ours from home so we won’t run out and so I know … [Read more...]

Disney World Planning Tips – More Snacks, Less Money!

My husband and I are DVC members so our family travels to Disney World at least once a year.  We try to save money whenever and wherever we can without cutting back on the full Disney experience.  Snacks and drinks in Disney World can be quite expensive and kids get hungry OFTEN so our solution is to pack a smaller suitcase loaded with snacks and drinks to bring with us on our trip.  We then throw a few snacks and drinks in our park backpack each day.Some items we include are…Bottled … [Read more...]

5 Things You Never Knew You Should Pack for your Disney Cruise

When the horn sounds for "all aboard" for your cruise, it goes without saying you'll be worried about what you forgot to pack and how much it's going to cost you to purchase it on board or in port.After several Disney cruises I learned the top 5 things I never knew I should pack and always wish I had. Instead of you having to suffer and learn the hard way, like I did...I'm going to give you a few inside tips.1. Over the door shoe organizer: I know this sounds ridiculous but there really … [Read more...]