JP’s Merchandise Review: The Return of the Orange Bird

Orange Bird Pin

Like many people in my age group when Disney rolled out the merchandise for the 40th Anniversary of the Walt Disney World Resort there was one character that I could not figure out who it was. He was a bird with a head that looked like an orange. I later found out that he was the Orange Bird and was told that he was in the Magic Kingdom since day one and was slowly phased out of the spot light. I had two thoughts when I heard this. The first was how creative his name was (not very). The second … [Read more...]

Orange Bird Returns to Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom

Great news this morning!  D23 representatives announced the return of the historic Orange Bird character live in Adventureland before a small group of D23 members and on twitter.In case you aren’t familiar, Orange Bird was a character who was developed specifically for Magic Kingdom Park in the 1970s. This cheerful bird originally greeted families at Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland, where guests could also enjoy citrus drinks like the Citrus Swirl and buy Orange Bird gifts. At one … [Read more...]