Ricky Gervais Set to Join ‘The Muppets’ Sequel

Here's another reason to get excited about the new Muppets film. Last week we learned that 'Modern Family' star Ty Burrell was set to co-star in the film, playing an Interpol agent in the film, but we weren't sure how big of a part he'd be playing. But we could possibly have our leading man now, because Ricky Gervais is in talks to star in the film. Not much is known about his character at this time, but he will be the lead human in the film, being our eyes and ears into the crazy world of the … [Read more...]

Try these Last Minute Tricks and Treats for Halloween!

Halloween is just days away, but don’t fear, these tips and tricks from Babble.com, Disney’s leading online parenting platform, will have you ready to celebrate the spooky holiday in no time!Dread decorating? Check out these 10 simple Halloween decorations like hanging cheesecloth ghosts and masked picture frames that even a zombie could perfect! Continue the creepy crafting with wickedly simple projects like ghostly tree lights, lanterns, and even fruit!Terrified there’s not … [Read more...]