Disney Publishing Worldwide Announces Novel Based “Descendants”

A first look at the villains children in "Descendants"

More Disney villain action is on the way with an upcoming novel based on the Disney Channel Original Movie “Descendants”. Late last year Disney announced an original movie coming in 2015 titled “Descendants”. The movie will be featuring the teenage children of Disney’s most infamous villains.Disney Publishing Worldwide has confirmed that they will be launching a novel titled “Isle of The Lost” to be written by bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz (THE WITCHES OF EAST END, BLUE BLOODS). This … [Read more...]

Once Upon A Dream By Charles Solomon Book Review!


 Once Upon a Dream by Charles Solomon is a refreshing look at the history of Sleeping Beauty and her evil counterpart Maleficent!The first thing that struck me about this book was the beautiful cover. On it we see not only scenes from the original Sleeping Beauty (1959) but from the amazing new retelling of the story from a different point of view Maleficent (2014). Although both movies are a stark contrast from each other the cover blends them beautifully with a royal blue … [Read more...]

My New Magnificent Maleficent Ears

My custom made maleficent ears 1

 Recently Mandy over at Mouskaears gave me the chance to try out one of her adorable homemade ears. Well I love Maleficent, as most of you know, so she custom made me these beautiful Maleficent inspired ears.I am not a creative person at all, so when I asked her if she could do Maleficent ears and she said yes, I could not for the life of figure out what they might look like. Well when she sent the picture I was amazed. I love how she incorporated the important elements from … [Read more...]

Disney Infinity 2.0 New Characters – Maleficent & Merida


With the release of Disney’s Maleficent in theaters nationwide, Disney has also announced two new characters for Disney Infinity 2.0 – Maleficent & Merida. I’m so excited to have more characters to play with in the Toy Box mode!For those fans not planning to upgrade, Maleficent and Merida will be compatible with the original Disney Infinity game as well. Disney-themed items, props, vehicles, and locations are available for creating these brand new worlds. Disney has really hit it out of … [Read more...]

Disney Villains Who Deserve to Have Their Own Movies


 With Maleficent soaring into theaters, villains are all the Disney rage. Getting to see this famous villain’s history and motivation definitely sparked my appetite for more villain action, live action that is! With this new found inspiration it was time to put together a Top 10 of Disney villains that need their own live action movies, and who could bring them to life.10. Cruella DevilleSure she had a live action counterpart in the 101 Dalmations live action movie, but … [Read more...]