In Memory of Julia: Houston Family walking from Disneyland to Walt Disney World

DIsneyland to Disney World

Recently, a Houston family lost their 8 year old Princess Julia to a rare form of pediatric cancer, Ewing's Sarcoma. Princess Julia loved Disney and her Make-A-Wish trip was to Walt Disney World. Sadly, Princess Julia passed away at the conclusion of that trip.To honor her memory, her family is walking the 4,000 miles from Disneyland to Walt Disney World.Their journey began at Disneyland in late August and this family of 5 walks 25 miles a day. One parent follows in the family Suburban … [Read more...]

When you “Make-A-Wish” Upon a Star!


Having a child with needs that are different than what one would expect or anticipate is challenging both in execution and acceptance. Our road with our almost six year old daughter has been nothing other than the opposite of what we had thought it would be during the time we were pregnant. When Addison was just six months old, an infectious disease doctor at the Cleveland Clinic told us to prepare ourselves to not celebrate her first birthday. Obviously they didn’t know that she would far … [Read more...]

Walt Disney World Loves Sharing the Magic!

Disney Voluntears

Disney is a huge company with nearly 70,000 Disney Cast Members who live and work in Central Florida, Walt Disney World Resort is committed to investing in its local community. Disney is focused on improving the quality of life in Central Florida, with a special interest in helping children and families.Disney contributes to the local community in a lot ways – through the millions of dollars in taxes it generates for local governments, the leadership it provides on important community … [Read more...]

Chemo Friends are Going to Disney World Together thanks to Make a Wish!


This story is sad yet cute all at the same time.Dorothy is 4 and Bryce is 5 years old, they met in the hospital where they were both receiving chemo treatments for Leukemia. Dorothy found her way into Bryce's room after one of her treatments and they instantly became friends. Their moms say that the friendship has helped them through their illness and treatments.Bryce asked the Make a Wish Foundation if him and his new friend could go to Disney World together, so of course they … [Read more...]

Little Girl gets her Disney Wish


Emma Giacona, is a 7-year-old girl who always wanted to take a Disney cruise. Her dream will finally come true. She is finally getting her Disney Wish thanks to some very generous people and one very kind Nashville resident.Emma underwent multiple surgeries earlier this year to remove abscesses in her brain and neck. Her health appeared to be declining so her family applied to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Thankfully her health improved and she was released from the hospital.Ed Alison read … [Read more...]