Things to know about your MagicBand

MagicBands are your Key to unlocking the magic.. literally! It is your Resort Key, your Disney ticket, your fast passes, photo pass, you can even make purchases with it! And it's all Magic... (Maybe with the help of a sensor and chip, but we will stick with Magic). Find out all the power this colorful wristband holds! When you book a Disney Vacation, you get to personalize MagicBands for everyone in the party. You can pick a color and chose a name. You receive them usually, within 3-4 Weeks … [Read more...]

Is the Elusive Purple Magic Band Coming Soon?

The elusive PURPLE — MagicBand Collectors (@DisMagicBands) August 6, 2015  Hiya boys and girls! How are all my fellow addicts today? Doing great I hope! I am about to make your day even better! I am so excited that I can hardly contain my enthusiasm about the hope that a purple MagicBand might soon be available to us. OMG finally! Purple is the most requested and asked about color. So it makes sense. If this band is released I am hoping it … [Read more...]

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Could Have it’s Own MagicBand

Hola ladies and gents! I know you already know who this is! You are correct it is "I" the amazing, incredible, Anonymouse. Today I have some pretty good gossip for all of you MagicBand collectors. I have been hearing that the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival will have it's very own special MagicBand.I know this is big, I love MagicBands and have a pretty good collection myself. But wait there is a catch, isn't there always a catch? The catch is that you can only get the special … [Read more...]

DIY Customization for Disney Magic Bands

MagicBands may look like an accessory but they are your key to everything at Walt Disney World Resort. No one likes to have the same accessory as everyone else though, and that's why customization has become the newest Disney fad!I've never been one to match everyone else, so only having 7 colors to chose from for a bracelet everyone is wearing, doesn't really suit my fancy. Since I go to the parks so often I'm always trying to find new ways to change up my MagicBands so they have a little … [Read more...]

Just In Time for the Holidays: Disney Releases Four New MagicBand Designs

You've been asking, and Disney listened!  During the month of December four new MagicBands will be hitting the shelves at Walt Disney World, and they are designs people have been asking for: Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Sorcerer Mickey and Stitch.These four designs are considered "Open Editions" - not Limited - and will not make any special sounds or light up in any special way at MyMagic+ touch points throughout the parks and resorts.All four bands will be priced at $19.95 (plus … [Read more...]

Memory Maker is available Post-Vacation!

I have exciting news for you today! You can now purchase Memory Maker after you return home from your visit to Walt Disney World! All Magicband users now have automatic association of attraction photos and videos directly on their Magicband. You may be like me and be be pleasantly surprised by how many photos and videos were captured during your vacation. And if you're like me, you probably regret not purchasing Memory Maker before you left home. This newest offering from Disney makes the regret … [Read more...]

Hot Trend in MagicBand Fashion: My Fantasy Bands

 Have you heard about the hot new trend in MagicBand Fashion? As mentioned on the Disney Parks Podcast - Get ready for My Fantasy Bands! My Fantasy Bands are like a dream come true for any Disney guest that wants to be a trend-setter when it comes to our favorite theme park wrist bands. When fabric covers are bulky, and rubber charms pop off and get lost, you can count on these decals by My Fantasy Bands. With most designs coming in at around $6, and totally free shipping, they are a … [Read more...]

New MagicBand iPhone App Helps you Budget your Trip

 If you have ever used a Magic Band wristband at Disney, you know that feeling in your stomach when your account bill arrives; dread. Magic Band Budget app is designed to keep the fun in your Disney vacation!Magic Band Budget is the first iPhone app of its kind dedicated to help Disney guests save money while at Disney World or Disneyland. This innovative budgeting app helps you track your spending, keeps you aware and in control of your Magic Band account balance, and also includes … [Read more...]

Magic Kingdom Makes Disney History As All Disney World Parks Go Turnstile Free

Earlier this week the Magic Kingdom Park reached a milestone in Disney history when the park’s final touch point entry system was unveiled at the park – a moment that signified that all Walt Disney World Resort park entrances are now turnstile free.The first park to trade turnstiles for touch point entries was Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, which became the first turnstile-free park in late February. Similar replacements have taken place at parks across Walt Disney World property … [Read more...]

Christopher Cross Featured During Epcot Eat to the Beat Concert Series Wearing MagicBand

Christopher Cross was  featured this weekend during Epcot's Eat to the Beat Concert Series for the International Food and Wine Festival. This was the first year he has been a performer in the concert lineup. He kicked off his first performance on November 2, 2013. The American Gardens Theatre was over-flowing with spectators enjoying the beautiful music and "getting caught between the moon and New York City." We got these photos during his first performance on his first day. Once we got home and … [Read more...]