Disney’s 2011 Expedition Everest Challenge

Experience the true meaning of "racing heartbeat."Expedition Everest™ Challenge, a race adventure with some bite, is coming Saturday, May 7, 2011 to Disney's Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.Just after sunset, individuals and teams of two will brave the mysteries of a thrilling 5K trek held in the shadows of the Forbidden Mountain. Teams will have to overcome treacherous obstacles lying in their path and then scavenge for clues to aid in their journey. But beware of the Yeti, the … [Read more...]

My Fab Five Disney’s Animal Kingdom Attractions

Disney's Animal Kingdom is the park we spend the least time in. In spite of that there are a number of attractions we try to visit on each trip so here are my Fab Five attractions. As I go through them you will notice a couple of the biggies are missing from my list and I'll explain why at the end of the article.5. It's Tough To Be A Bug - This park is the hottest of all the parks and as you tour you are always on the lookout for somewhere to cool off. This attraction is ideal because it not … [Read more...]

Crocs, Hippos and Rickety Footbridges Add Up To Wild Adventure at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Navigating a rickety footbridge suspended over a river chasm can be a white-knuckle experience.  For explorers on an all-new Disney adventure launching Jan. 16, 2011, what lurks below their bridge may quicken their step to get to the other side: crocodiles!A ravine of menacing-looking crocs, pools of hippos, bushwalks along untracked terrain and other thrills await guests on Wild Africa Trek, a unique wildlife experience into the deepest, most-remote reaches of Disney’s Animal … [Read more...]

Ask a Disney Question: Kilimanjaro Safari and Making a Breakfast ADR.

This question comes from Brandy, who asks:   "We are going for Christmas and are planning to do the character breakfast at Tuskers. The only time we could get was 10:10. Will we have enough time for the Kilimanjaro Safari ride before breakfast?"Brandy, thanks for reading the site and for your question. You should be fine.  The attraction takes about 20 minutes. You'll want to be at the park at rope drop and be one of the first people to take the tour.   This is particularly true if you are … [Read more...]