My Fab Five Magic Kingdom Attractions


Most of us really love the Magic Kingdom, and for many reasons. It is really the most "Walt Disney" of all the parks, it has so many attractions that Walt actually had a hand in, and it is full of fun and fantasy. I know we all have favorite attractions so I'll just give you mine in reverse order. You may be surprised!!5. "it's a small world" - I know, I almost don't believe it myself but there is something about the little figures, the cheeriness of the whole thing, and that "delightful" … [Read more...]

Keys to the Kingdom Lesson: Chess Anyone?

chess mickey

Today, I am sharing another tidbit of information I discovered while on my recent Keys to the Kingdom Tour at the Magic Kingdom. After our morning stroll down Main Street, we headed over to Adventureland and Liberty Square to learn a little about a man named Marc Davis.If you have ever looked around while in the queue at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, you have probably noticed the scene of two skeletons sitting at a chess game. If you have looked even closer, you have probably noticed … [Read more...]

‘A Walk In The Park’ with Rolly Crump


This article comes to us from WDW Prince. Paul was able to get some insider exclusive information he wanted to pass onto us.Roland Fargo Crump is a true Disney legend. In fact, he is a certified legend with his own window on Main Street in Disneyland. One of the original Disney Imagineers to work closely with Walt Disney, Rolly was directly involved with the design of attractions such as It’s A Small World, Haunted Mansion and Enchanted Tiki Room. His career with Disney spans over 40 … [Read more...]

You Know You Have Had Too Much Magic Kingdom When….


It's safe to say that the vast majority of us love the Magic Kingdom. It's also safe to say that those of us who visit Walt Disney World regularly spend a lot of time in that most magical of the parks. But - a word of caution is important here!! Some of us get a bit overexposed to the Magic Kingdom so I thought I would give you five warning signs that you may need to take a break and head to the Grand Floridian or Saratoga Springs for an extended spa session!! The signs are:While riding the … [Read more...]

A Maximum Attraction Minimum Wait Time Magic Kingdom Day


Maximizing attraction time while minimizing wait time at the Magic Kingdom is almost like setting up the Perfect Storm. If you do certain things and do not do other things you may be surprised at the result.First, the do not's:In general, do not go to the Magic Kingdom (MK) on weekend days. Most visitors arrive at Walt Disney World on Friday or Saturday sometime late in the day. This makes Saturday or Sunday their first full day in the parks and most people head to the MK on their first … [Read more...]