It’s Time to Re-Meet The Muppets

THE MUPPETS (2011) Stars: Jason Segel, Amy Adams Director: James Bobin Studio: Walt Disney Pictures Genre: Family Rating: PG Grade: A+ The premise behind the latest Muppets movie is simple (and true). Basically, the world (young kids) has forgotten about them. Kids today are more entertained by the internet, 3-D movies and digital animation than they would be by the hippie, ‘80s’, clever humor that The Muppets often promote. This movie could have very easily been accompanied by the … [Read more...]

Watch the Muppets Crash Jason Segel’s SNL Monologue


Check out this very funny video clip of the Muppets Crashing Jason Segel's Saturday Night Live Monologue. I can't believe Jason is hosting SNL.. lolRemember The Muppets Movie comes out in 2 more days!Bonus Watch Kermit the Frog on the Weekend Update! … [Read more...]

The Muppets Movie Character Descriptions with Spoilers


GARY (Jason Segel) is loyal to his brother Walter—the two do everything together. “Gary is from Smalltown, USA,” says Jason Segel (TV’s “How I Met Your Mother,” “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”), a longtime Muppet fan who created the role with himself in mind. “He’s very naïve, sweet and innocent, and he’s very much in love with his girlfriend Mary. He’s torn between his brother and growing into a new phase of maturation where it’s time to be with his girlfriend. He’s lived with his brother forever … [Read more...]

Review: Disney’s Hilarious Comedy ‘You Again’

Have you ever watched a movie not expecting to get much going in and after watching it come to love it? You Again is one of those movies! While not getting much hype at the box office You Again is one of those sleeper hits you can watch over and over. The cast is hilarious and with all those big names surprisingly they work very well together. YOU AGAIN features a brilliant all-star cast with comedy pedigree performances by Kristen Bell (Couples Retreat, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Jamie Lee … [Read more...]

You Again Coming to Bluray and DVD February 8th – Bonus Videos

This coming Valentine’s Day, don’t miss the opportunity to own the entertaining romantic comedy YOU AGAIN, releasing on Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD in a single package), DVD and Movie Download on February 8, 2011 from Touchstone Pictures. It’s also the perfect heart-filled gift for mom, girlfriend and families alike to sit back, relax enjoy some laughs from the comfort of their own home.Complete with never-before-seen outtakes, exclusive Blu-ray content and even more Betty White, YOU … [Read more...]