WDW Deluxe Resorts – Why They’re Worth The Cost

DelWorthCost Ears

There are a ton of amazing Walt Disney World Resorts to choose from, so many that Disney had to divide them into categories, with Value Resorts being the cheapest with the smallest rooms and fewest ameneties, and the Moderate Resorts have larger rooms and more on site ameneties, and then there's the Deluxe Resorts, which are the largest, fanciest Resorts with - you guessed it - the largest price tag too. So why would you pick a Deluxe Resort over WDW's cheaper Resorts?Well, here are some … [Read more...]

Disney Food Allergies and Special Dietary Requests


As science and medicine progress, it is being found that many more people than were previously thought have food allergies or sensitivities. There are also many food issues among folks with chronic diseases. This issue runs the gamut from the very young to the elderly. Disney takes these food issues very seriously and offers solutions at the large majority of their restaurants so their guests will not be subjected to the problems that can happen as a result of these … [Read more...]

Look for the new “Mickey Check” for healthier food options at Disney


The "Mickey Check" will soon become a recognized symbol on quick service menus throughout Disney World and Disneyland.The first of the "Mickey Check's" appeared on the Be Our Guest Restaurant menu in the New Fantasyland and will continue to pop up at various table service menus starting in January 2013.This system will help you and your family quickly determine which meals are healthier options when scanning the menus and placing your orders.So what do YOU think, is this helpful? Are … [Read more...]

‘Mickey Check’ Program Premier Launch at “Be Our Guest” Restaurant


The Disney Healthy Living program, that was announced earlier this year, is about to launch its Mickey Check menu items with its first restaurant being 'Be Our Guest Restaurant'.Mickey Check is part of the Disney Healthy Living program and its goal to make sure that foods meet or exceed nutritional guidelines that are set out by Disney and will be used at both the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort starting today.The Mickey Check icon will be marked on the menu to all items … [Read more...]

Disney World Quick Tips – Using Your Extra Meal and Snack Credits


While on the Disney Quick Service Dining Plan, you are entitled to two meals and one snack per person, per day of your stay.  At first glance, we often wonder if we will have enough.  Then, as we are on our last days at the parks, we realize that we have been having so much magical fun that we do have some credits to use before going home!  Keep in mind that some of these foods travel better by car than by air.  But, if you're creative and thoughtful, you'll be going home with some goodies to … [Read more...]