Meeting Merida at Disney World

Merida Meet n Greet

Have you been looking forward to meeting Merida at Disney World ever since you first saw "Brave"?  This courageous star's play and greet area is full of fun for young and old alike.  It is definitely worth a visit during your trip to Disney.Meeting Merida at Disney World is a fabulous character meet and greet, but it can be tricky to find!  Merida meets princes and princesses in Fairytale Gardens.  Despite looking at the park maps we still had a hard time finding it!  Here's the gist of … [Read more...]

Disney World Mobile Guide App On Sale


I'm so excited to share this Disney World Mobile Guide App update with you...and better yet, it's on sale!  I always make sure my iPhone is ready with a few apps to help us make the most of our time in the parks.  It's so awesome to have waiting time, reservation reminders, and event times right at my fingertips.TimeStream Software announces an update of its Disney World Mobile Guide app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.  This app features a comprehensive list of trip-planning and in-park … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: There’s Lots To Do In Line At Disney World


Even as much as my family and I love Walt Disney World, there is one part that we could easily do without- waiting in those long lines for a ride! That's why I am so excited about the new book, "Lots To Do In Line Walt Disney World" from author Meredith Pierce. It is filled with ways to help turn waiting in line into part of the magic of the whole ride for the whole family.Meredith Pierce previously wrote, "Lots To Do In Line Disneyland" which helps Disneyland visitors have more fun while … [Read more...]

All New Areas Open in Fantasyland


Fantasyland News to keep you prepared for your trip. The New Fantasyland has given us a lot to talk about in the last few months. It being the largest expansion in Disney history it is not yet completed and things are still being added. Below are a few new pieces of information about what is going on for your upcoming trip.The Enchanted Forest to Storybook Circus access opens for the busy spring period. The walkway between Storybook Circus and New Fantasyland is now open to allow easier … [Read more...]

From the Disney World Vault: King Stefan’s Banquet Hall

King Stefan's Banquet Hall
Image courtesy of Imaginerding

Any Chip and Co fans born after 1990 are going to have no idea what I'm talking about.  So I'm going to get you all ready for the Double Jeopardy Question.  When Disney World opened in 1971, the restaurant in Cinderella Castle was... If you guessed Cinderella’s Royal Table you would be wrong. The answer is...King Stefan's Banquet HallYes, the restaurant featured in Cinderella Castle was named after Sleeping Beauty's father.  It only took until 1997 for Disney to get sick of answering … [Read more...]