Chip’s Magic Kingdom Touring Plan

I get a lot of questions and emails on Chip and Company asking me the best ways to tour the parks. I wanted to share with you my Magic Kingdom Touring Plan to help make your Disney World Vacation more enjoyable. I posted this last week on Couponing to Disney and thought it would be great to share it here too!Get there EarlyI like to get to the park at rope drop or plan an early breakfast at Crystal Palace to grab some photos of the park before all the people come in. Quick Tip - Be sure … [Read more...]

WDW Fantasyland Construction Updates 5/31/2011


With the new Fantasyland expansion at Walt Disney World set to open in 2012, anticipation is running high.  Tall construction walls edge one side of Fantasyland adorned with beautiful concept art and descriptions of the wonders that will appear next year.  The looming cranes, thrumming motors, and occasional voices of workmen drifting from behind the wall, however, hint at a far more practical process going on just beyond view.With the help of a bench or decorative wall and the help of a … [Read more...]

Chip & Company Week in Review, May 30, 2011

Hello again friends!  I hope you have been busy this week reading all of the great posts that we have presented to you over at Chip & Company, but if you haven't been able to follow along as much as you would like, take a look at these posts to get a recap of what we talked about.  Enjoy!News:Did you hear the news Chip brought to us?  The Lion King is being released in theaters in 3D!  Check out all of the news here! Ready for the next contest to enter at Chip & Company?  Then … [Read more...]

Disney’s Grand Gathering: The Experiences

If you’re traveling in a Grand Gathering, you have the option to enjoy exclusive experiences only for parties of 8 or more. Yes, these have an additional charge but they are wonderful experiences designed to delight everyone in your travel party.International Dinner and IllumiNations Desert Reception: Enjoy a buffet dinner with international cuisine (from five different nations) while you are entertained with live music and storytelling. Keep an eye out for some of your favorite characters, … [Read more...]

Keys to the Kingdom: Liberty Square


During my Keys to the Kingdom tour this past November, I learned so many awesome details about the Magic Kingdom. This is another installment of the memories from that wonderful tour. Spoiler alert!Walt Disney was a genius in many areas. One such area was his attention to detail. He always wanted everything to be perfectly represented in the park as design integrity was very important to him. If Walt didn’t know exactly how something should be represented he would gather a research team to … [Read more...]