Did I Just See & Hear Mermaids on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride?


Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I went on one of my favorite rides and as I went along, somehow I had forgotten the news that mermaids had been added to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride – and I am hearing most people did not know either. So, I wanted to share with you my experience so you can be better prepared and on the lookout for the mermaids on your next “POTC” trip.So, there I was riding along with my group and I began to hear the voices of mermaids singing. I thought to myself, is … [Read more...]

Preview Period Has Begun for Fantasyland


The day we all have been waiting for is finally here...in a bit controversial and different from announced way. The new Fantasyland is open! Though scheduled to open on December 6th, they have begun what is being called a "preview period".  Disney Parks Blog reports that the new expansion’s “Preview Period” began on Nov. 19, which means the new rides, experiences and restaurants are accessible to all Magic Kingdom guests with some limitations such as limited operation hours.The new areas … [Read more...]

Look for the new “Mickey Check” for healthier food options at Disney


The "Mickey Check" will soon become a recognized symbol on quick service menus throughout Disney World and Disneyland.The first of the "Mickey Check's" appeared on the Be Our Guest Restaurant menu in the New Fantasyland and will continue to pop up at various table service menus starting in January 2013.This system will help you and your family quickly determine which meals are healthier options when scanning the menus and placing your orders.So what do YOU think, is this helpful? Are … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Dragons Coming To Walt Disney World???

Wazzzzz up!  Anonymouse here once again!!!   All the news, gossip and rumors that can be found, heard and talked of that is exciting to all of the Disney fans out there can be found right here!We have an intriguing rumor this time and the source is Disney's very own Disney Parks Blog!  Social Media Managing Editor Gary Buchanan has posted a blog and video about his obsession with dragons!  At first he just seems a little loopy...but upon further review it seems that Disney is leading us to … [Read more...]

Community Leaders Sneak First Peeks of New Fantasyland


Walt Disney World Resort offered more than 150 community leaders a glimpse at the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history today. Local executives and dignitaries toured New Fantasyland, experienced its attractions and witnessed the economic boon it has created for Central Florida. “There is no better way to celebrate this landmark occasion than by sharing New Fantasyland with our Central Florida friends and neighbors,” said Meg Crofton, president, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations, … [Read more...]