Opening Dates Announced for Disney’s Fantasyland Expansion!

Great News Disney has finally released dates and details on the Fantasyland Expansion Opening! While they are not opening all areas at once the area we have been waiting for is coming later this year.Here are the details:The next phase of Storybook Circus, which includes the second half of the Dumbo the Flying Elephant attraction and the Casey Jr. Splash ‘n’ Soak Station, will open in July 2012.Disney will  have plenty to celebrate the 2012 holiday season, including the openings … [Read more...]

How to Tour the Parks – Visiting the Magic Kingdom in a Wheelchair Part 2

Today we are looking at the attractions in Fantasyland and Tomorrowland. If you missed part one you can find it here for information on Adventureland, Frontierland, and Liberty Square.Fantasylandit’s a small world it’s a small world has a different entrance for wheelchair users. It is located next to the exit of the attraction. If you would like to stay in your wheelchair the attraction has accessible boats. You may have to wait for one of them to cycle through so your wait time will … [Read more...]

Dumbo Flies Again as First Phases of the New Fantasyland Stir to Life

New fun is in store with the first stirrings to life of the new Fantasyland, representing the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom history. When the multiyear project is complete, Fantasyland will nearly double in size and immerse guests in Disney stories as never before. Fantasyland will deliver a new home for Ariel, new ways to interact with favorite Disney princesses, offer an exciting new family coaster, a double dose of Dumbo, “be our guest” at the Beast’s Castle and much more.Greeting … [Read more...]

Disney Confidential – Fantasyland Expansion Gossip

Here there guys and gals Anonymouse here.We get tons of questions here on Chip and Co about the Fantasyland Expansion. The biggest one is when is it going to open? While I would love to see it open as soon as possible but unfortunately an Expansion this size is going to take some time. Not to mention we are coming up on the busy season at the parks and Disney is not going to open anything when the park is SLAMMED.But I wouldn't be a gossip columnist if I didn't have some tidbits to … [Read more...]

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Review

My family and I just got back from a vacation to DisneyWorld. We had many things we wanted to try that were new in the parks, and one high on my kids lists (ages 8 and 11) was the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive game that was recently introduced.On our FIRST day in the Magic Kingdom the kids saw the recruitment center (located inside of the Firehouse on Main Street) and the line was short so we headed over to be recruited.As we waited in line for the training  they had a video … [Read more...]

Merida from Pixar’s Brave Meet and Greet is Coming to Disney Parks

In the upcoming Disney•Pixar movie “Brave,” Merida is a headstrong teenager with a vibrant spirit and a softness of heart, struggling to take control of her own destiny. You’ll be able to discover Merida’s story when “Brave” opens in theaters June 22 and, beginning in mid-May, Merida will be coming to Disney Parks in an all-new character greeting experience.At Magic Kingdom Park, Merida will appear in Fairytale Garden in a setting inspired by her Scottish Highlands home, where young … [Read more...]

Don’t be that Guy – Top 5 Most Annoying Park Guests

  Everyone has the right to act a little crazy on their Disney vacation, after all you are paying to be there! In my travels however, I have found a few types of guests I can truly recommend you not to be.  I am providing you with this list not only for your reading pleasure, but as a public service announcement as well.1. The modern-day princess - There is plenty of room at Disney for mini Cinderellas and Belles to strut their stuff, but adult women who feel it necessary to dress like … [Read more...]

Coming Soon: Disney World to add Fast Pass option for Fast Pass machines

Weeks after revealing a new FastPass option for Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at the Magic Kingdom, Chip and Co. has the scoop on a yet-to-be announced addition to Disney’s popular FastPass (FP) service.No longer will guests have to wait in the long lines to get a FastPass to their favorite attractions. To help reduce the long lines guests may face waiting to get a FastPass ticket, Walt Disney World will offer a Fast Pass option for obtaining a Fast Pass.You heard it here first – soon you … [Read more...]

Storybook Circus ‘soft-opens’ at Magic Kingdom Park Photos

This week was a big day for the Magic Kingdom! The first phase of the new Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland “soft” opened to guests including:The first part of “Dumbo, the Flying Elephant,” with Dumbo spinning clockwise for the first time in Magic Kingdom history “The Barnstormer, Starring The Great Goofini,” a family coaster attraction featuring Mickey’s best pal and “The Fantasyland Train Station,” one of the three stops for The Walt Disney World … [Read more...]

Soft Opening of Storybook Circus and New Buses Coming to Walt Disney World

Here there guys and gals Anonymouse here.Its been a busy week already and its only Tuesday! Yesterday the Magic Kingdom decided to open the doors early on the Storybook Circus. Opening the Great Goofini & Dumbo.There is no reason to reinvent the wheel so I will post a link to one of my favorite Disney Videographers Jeff Lange who I think has some beautiful pictures and video available to check out.Check them out here.If that News/Gossip wasn't enough it seems Disney has been … [Read more...]